Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Home Headlines


News with major importance, for theme header. Namely :

-New module
-Module/campaign release
-Newletter (excluding promotionnal only)

Can arguably make it :
-Major community event. Especially ours.
-New “other” simulator release.

If you think something else worth of headline – draft and contact admin for validation.

DCS: I-16 released!

As many people celebrate Victory Day in Europe, we are in for a treat from OctopusG. Almost silently, the team developed the I-16 and surprised everyone with...

April’s fool: Eagle Dynamics Partner with Electronics Arts!

Eagle Dynamics announce they have partnered with Electronics Arts. The first product of the partnership will be "Modern Air Combat", a new Combat simulation derived from DCS...

Blackshark 3 ?

More details have emerged about the upcoming Kamov upgrade. Since the new graphics engine, Eagle Dynamics made no secret about their desire to...