More screenshots have been published by Eagle Dynamics. They released high altitude screenshots of the upcoming Caucasus update. The new map will be available in DCS version 2.5. It is estimated to deliver within two months.


For the updated Caucasus map for DCS World 2.5, we’ve spent a LOT of time and effort to add a lot more detail to the world. In fact, we are right against the edge of what our system memory specification can handle. This is particularly true from lower altitudes where it is more easy to see these details. This is why most of our updated Caucasus map images to date have been from lower altitudes. For today, we’d like to show off how the map looks from a nose-bleed altitudes of 20,000 feet. The biggest changes from the 1.5 map you may note are the terrain projected shadows, realistic haze, view distances, forest rendering distances and coverage, and the improved elevation mesh resolution (no more pyramid mountains).


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