Surprising – and shocking- the community, Magnitude 3 announced their next aircraft – it will be the aerobatic plane Christen Eagle II! The studio explains that the aerobatic plane was an inside project to discover and practice propeller plane development within the DCS World engine. Eventually, the internal code test bed turned into a product.

Announced at $29.99, the plane should hit our simulator in the first quarter of 2018. The aircraft will support multicrew.

The Wikipedia Minute

The Christen Eagle II was developed by P51 pilot Frank Christensen and was launched in 1977. Later renamed Aviat Eagle II in the 90’s, it is a popular aerobatic biplane. It features a 200hp engine, with constant speed propeller.



The Hype train has no brakes

Digital Combat Simulator is a Combat Flight Sim. A lot of popular combat jets, mainly western aircraft, have been announced. Leatherneck/Magnitude 3 has been quite silent about their future after the staff did split earlier in 2015. Playing the hype card, the developer came out of the silence days ago and started spreading hints about their upcoming aircraft. Furthermore, being the developer of the famous Mig-21, many fans hoped they would continue into Russian jets, especially with DCS getting flooded with NATO aircrafts. The hints let many people into the belief another MiG was developed – especially after Razbam was denied a Mig-23 project!

Magnitude 3 Earthquake among boards

12/8/17, the press release is live. The long awaited surprise is…. A quite unknown aerobatic biplane. So much for the expected MiG! Within seconds of the announcement, the whole DCS community erupted in an unprecedented sh*tstorm. It is unclear how M3 did not saw it coming, especially after the Yak-52 announcement wasn’t pleasing everyone. Their YouTube video, then the remainder of DCS communities were quickly flooded with denial and anger.

Hoggit quickly turned the announcement into DCS new trending meme. (Sorry Prateek!) Our own Facebook group became a battlefield. Disappointed virtual fighters battling against aerobatic fans and openminded pilots. Even ED forum went out of control. We’ve seen quite some arguments going back and forth…

  • DCS is a combat sim, civilian plane is heresy
  • Aerobatic planes will open up a new domain
  • Effort shouldn’t be wasted in unarmed aircraft
  • They are many aerobatic teams in DCS
  • This will open the gate to the toxic civilian community
  • DCS Engine is the best suited for aerobatic
  • That’s potential new customers for the game
  • Where is my F4-U?
  • It’ll never sell
  • Shut-up and take my money
  • Is the end of DCS!
If you want to laugh, hop in Hoggit. This is one good community as well !

Is this really the community we want to be?

This website is originally born from our DCS Facebook community, now 11k members. This chapter is (mostly) for you guys.  Yesterday, like many of you, I’ve been stunned and shocked by the M3 announcement. But what did shock me the most, is how the community teared itself apart over it.

Magnitude 3 fucked up. Big time. They selected quite an unknown plane, and likely out of naivety, they hyped way too much. In that regard, well… the slapping was well deserved. To be honest, I laughed a lot at the Hoggit meme, and I’m kind of disappointed with them not pursuing RedFor Jets. But even if their marketing is a big failure, the idea of releasing their aerobatic testbed to the airshows folks, is the way to go. Keeping it internal… imagine the waste. You guys would complain about it too 😛

In the other hand, this triggered another bloody debate. Shall civilian or aerobatic plane be allowed in DCS?

Some of you guys have been very vocal against it, down to personal attacks. Well…. First point: Aerobatic is already a living thing in DCS, whether you like it or not. As I’m writing these lines, I’m watching the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams on my TV. (Great Show Guys !) With several hundred viewers, this is the most popular live stream show in DCS history, with 3 folds more viewers than any combat related tournament. The Virtual Aerobatic world in DCS is already well setup with their own organisation and show season. Since the DCS community has many aerobatic pilots…. The question is already settled: Defacto, aerobatic is already included in DCS.

was up to 400 at some point today

Second. We created and maintained this group with some solid values. Among these is Tolerance.
While we should all be happy that aerobatic pilots get a dedicated platform to have fun with, a lot of you reacted out of jealousy, and just can’t stand a civilian plane in DCS. We’ve seen some childish reaction, and some stunning conclusion that a civilian plane would sign DCS’s death.
I can understand the frustration of Magnitude 3 hyping everyone and announcing a biplane instead of a long awaited Mig21 successor. I can understand the subsequent rage that went thru the various DCS groups. As shit hit the fan in our group, we discussed with other admins and let you vent that frustration.

However.  Our community has been built on some values.  We always valued open discussions, tolerance towards other simulators, assistance. . .  But today, some of you just want keep DCS for themselves. Just for the sake of more PewPew. Just for the sake of the game name. Just for their narrow vision of the world. Some of you are bullying aerobatic pilots. Some of you are being as “toxic” as they claim others to be. This, we cannot accept.

If you are truly a member of this community, despite your concerns, despite your sadness, just be happy for the bunch of aerobatic players. They deserve some toys too.

If you can’t show some tolerance, I invite you to leave our group.



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