Cliff of Dover “Blitz” Trailer


While the beta testing period has nearly come to an end, Team Fusion Simulation has published a trailer for their upcoming rebuild of IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover. The studio worked on a mod that improved and fixed the original product for years. Earlier this year, they concluded an agreement with the IL2 rights owner, 1C Game Studio, and are now the official developer of the product, with a North Africa extension being planned in a close future.

So here is the relaunch video for IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover – Blitz Edition which will be available on Steam as soon as the final round of Beta testing is completed.

Since 1C Game Studios gave Team Fusion Simulations (TFS) access to the Source Code earlier this year, TFS have been fixing bugs, adding new content and preparing the software for re-release on Steam. There is, it is fair to say, still work to do and over the coming months we will be creating our first paid for expansion which will include many new aircraft and a complete new Theatre of Operations, that being the North Africa campaign.

We are still working hard to cram last-minute features and fixes into the software in preparation for it’s upcoming re-release, the date of which will be announced shortly once final beta testing is complete (currently well underway).

Here’s the video:




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Cheers, MP/TFS


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