Matrix Games released their latest iteration of Command: Modern Air Naval Operations. Called Desert Storm, it covers the first gulf war opposing Irak and a multinational force led by USA, in 1991. It can be purchased as a standalone product, or as a DLC if you already own this strategic simulator.

  • A standalone expansion for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, 2013’s Wargame of the Year: play as a single, separate game, or add it to your collection of scenarios for CMANO.
  • 14 campaign scenarios plus a modern-day Israel-vs-Iran scenario written by Wayne Stiles Retired USAF veteran and CMANO community star.
    Using CMANO’s acclaimed continuous real-time simulation engine with new wrinkles in the realm of air & naval warfare.
  • The complete arsenal of modern warfare at your disposal: Stealth fighters, cruise missiles, tactical air & attack fighters, strike bombers, close support aircraft, heavy bombers, surface ships & submarines and even hypothetical platforms like the navalized F-117X, the A-12 Avenger II stealth naval bomber and the radically modernized Iowa-class battleship as BBG-1
  • Bonus 2019 standalone scenario: Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear forces.

CMANO is a real time strategy simulation covering aerial and naval operations. While only showing the conflict thru a NTDS 2D screen, it is the most detailed and accurate simulation today. The professional version has been widely acclaimed in the specialist press and is used by many military agencies thru the world.


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