Warfare Sims announced the next Campaign DLC for their Strategy simulator “Command: Modern Air Naval Operation”. The Gulf War has seen an impressive air operation above Irak, and CMANO is the perfect engine to reflect its scale. Thru the 14 mission campaign, you will revive the first true modern air campaign. CMANO is the spiritual successor of games such as Fleet Command and Harpoon, and is also used by professional agencies thru the world. You can find the product page and its DLC on steam here

Command: Desert Storm has been announced! Relive the pivotal events of the conflict that sealed the Cold War and radically changed the Middle East geopolitical landscape. 

The massive coalition build-up following the Iraqi invasion; The first night over Baghdad on January 17, 1991; the “do or die” strike that stopped Iraq’s chemical retaliation in the nick of time; the frustrating “Scud hunts” all over the Iraqi desert; coalition attacks on Iraq’s airfields; the annihilation of the Iraqi navy at Bubiyan, the “highway of death” during the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait, and much more.


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