KillerFish has surprised the Cold Water community as they announced working on some extra free content. Two new US subs will appear in the game. Civilians ships and oil rigs will also appear in game. And last but not least : they will also add a new theater ! The South China Sea, which will obviously features some chinese units, will be added soon.

We’ve been busy working on Cold Waters and over the next few months expect to see new content being added to the base game. The plan (subject to change) is to have all this in sometime around the New Year.
As a thank you to all who supported Cold Waters and made it such a success, this additional content will be added free to the base game.

Feel free to discuss this new content here:

New Playable Submarines

Two highly requested submarines are being added for players to skipper:
– Seawolf
– 688i

Neutral Vessels and Oil Rigs

Neutral vessels will now be transiting the combat theatre and oil rigs may be present in some regions, making it crucial to correctly identify targets before unleashing weapons.


South China Sea Theatre

An all new campaign and map based in the South China Sea is coming with a naval conflict set in the early to mid 90’s.

The various ships and submarines of the People’s Liberation Army Navy planned to be added include:

  • Luhu DDG
  • Luda DDG
  • Jianghu FFG
  • Jianghu-3 FFG
  • Jiangwei FFG
  • Chengdu FFG
  • Yukan LST
  • Yuting LST
  • Xia SSBN
  • Han SSN
  • Song SSK
  • Kilo SSK
  • Ming SS
  • Foxtrot SS


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