Cold Waters 1.09b is available as beta version in Steam. The patch adds civilian ships into the game. It will add a new dimension to the battle, as you will now have to really take care where your anti-ship missiles are flying! Nice detail to note – civilian ships will dodge your submarine if they see you – but you aren’t supposed to sail surfaced, are you?

AI also shows a more aggressive behavior. It will no longer hesitate to fill the sea with torpedoes if it gets fired upon. Even if the enemy AI don’t have a clue where you are, it will eventually snapshot torpedoes in the bearing of your own weapon.

This is a significant update which adds neutral shipping along with other fixes and improvements to the base game. Note that it will likely break most mods, so be sure to disable any mods or custom content before enabling 1.09 beta.

To opt in to the beta:
Right click the Cold Waters in Steam library, go to properties and you should have new “BETAS” tab added, then use the pulldown to select the beta you would like to opt into -leave the early access code empty- and the new update should download. When you run the game the version number should read version 1.09.

1.09b fixes a nasty bug where the player sub was flagged as sunk when sinking a currently undetected contact as well as improves tactical map display of neutrals and removes them from the ENEMY ENGAGED list of the Action Report.

Version 1.09b Beta
12 Dec 2017

“Default Commander Name” now uses language dictionary value
Fixed typo in sensor_display_names.txt and sensors.txt “Spin Trough”
config.txt added ForceCampaignMissionNumber=FALSE for debugging specific mission instance of ForceCampaignMissionType
PeriscopeDepthInFeet=45 variable now supported in vessel files, default value if omitted is 45
Added Mail and Haze to Strike from the Sea and Narvik Caper Single Missions
Added support for vessels at anchor near ports
Missiles cannot target anchored ships in close proximity to docks
Added support for multiple rudders on vessels
Seaweed patches added in shallow waters
Fixed prop location on Kilo
default/campaign/campaignXXX/language_en/events/content/patrol_outcome_end.txt to handle court martial ending
Added SHIPDOCK positions to all ports
Removed red TLAM circle from Strike from the Sea Single Mission as TLAMs auto home added as of version 1.08c
OtherVessels removed from Single mission files and added to default/campaign/maps/norwegian_sea_traffic.txt
VesselsAndTraffic=campaign/maps/norwegian_sea_traffic added to all Single Missions and campaign_data.txt files to reference neutral traffic and lists of ships available for Signature Analysis
Oil rig positions added to default/campaign/maps/norwegian_sea_world_objects
Added new text files default/campaign/maps/norwegian_sea_world_objects_68.txt and default/campaign/maps/norwegian_sea_traffic_68.txt

New vessels and oil rigs added:

Recognition manual displays correct sonar frequencies
Helmsman now calls correct speed if entering Silent Running above 5 knots
Sonarman now calls out faded contact bearing at mission start if initial contact is lost
AI take snapshots toward incoming torpedoes with torpedo and/or ASW missile spreads
Snapshots with missiles, range spread
Snapshots with torpedoes, bearing spread
Snapshot probability tied to game difficulty (40%, 70%, 100%, 100%)
Torpedo snapshot number fired tied to quality of enemy solution against player
AI surface vessels now more aggressive with using torpedoes
Decreased radius of depth charge, depth bomb and naval shell blast zones by 50%
Fixed a bug where sinking a contact not currently detected threw a script error
Fixed some physics issues with depth bomb trajectories
Fixed an error with ship fires burning script
Despawn ships that cannot be assigned a valid start position (due to terrain)
Damage decals updated
Ships docked at ports randomised and can be sunk

Whales now correctly spawn in campaign missions
Improved campaign mission generation for more mission variety
campaign_data.txt added DefaultMissionTypes=SSN_WOLFPACK,SS_WOLFPACK to fall back to these types when a valid mission cannot be found
Fixed ASUW_STRIKE and RESUPPLY_CONVOY missions which were not being generated correctly
Enemy occupied locations now correctly calculated for mission types requiring them
Fixed SS_WOLFPACK_2 missions (84, 68 campaigns) which lacked waypoint data
Removed non-player CONVOY missions from 68 and 84 campaign_data.txt as they broke mission generation
Event texts use correct file values for headers: “THE SECRETARY OF THE NAVY<n>WASHINGTON” and “ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE”
Events new variable: ForwardDate=7,14 sets date forward by range for all intro and conclusion events to simulate passage of time
Added Mail to INSERTION and LAND_STRIKE missions
Fixed bad mission files for INSERTION missions in 84 campaign: Narvik, Reykjavik, Bergen, Trondheim
Added air patrols for INSERTION missions in 84 campaign: Narvik, Reykjavik, Bergen, Trondheim
New player mission checks if location based and too close to current player position to prevent auto-failing mission
campaign_data.txt added CivilianTraffic=campaign/maps/norwegian_sea_traffic
default/campaign/maps added norwegian_sea_traffic.txt files for 84 and 68 campaign
default/campaign/campaignXXX/language_en/events/content/patrol_outcome_end.txt added for court martial ending of campaign



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