As we expected earlier today, Eagle Dynamics released a new patch.  You will now enjoy the completed Mi-8 module by Belsimtek, along with the D2M and Belouga bomb for Mirage. On the Steam side, F-5 is now available.

DCS Update 1

DCS Mi-8MTV2 goes to official release status

DCS World

  • PAI: AI refueling check collision optimisation, multi-hose tanker flow fix, AI-client position fix
  • PAI : Kutaisi. Collision on taxiing fixed
  • The void onboard numbers in the custom skins has been fixed
  • Manpad units will produce script ON SHOT event
  • VR crash for SFM planes fixed
  • The smoke trail effects (leaks, smoke-generators, missile trails) corrected
  • Missile trail will not suddenly disappears on some distance
  • Mission generator. The error when China Su-27 is selected has been fixed
  • The aircraft laser designator will not pass through buildings and missiles will not aim to laser spot behind the illuminated building
  • Merkava 4. Machineguns’ ammunition amount corrected
  • Fix of the script error when aerobatic task selected in triggered actions panel
  • MiG-29. The weapons will not hang in air when corresponding wing with pylons is lost
  • DoF is off for VR devices
  • Su-27: Engine RPM in the engine stalls condition corrected
  • Camera will be attached to pilot after ejection in any case
  • MP. The free camera of dead pilot will not be able to move to anywhere if the free camera is prohibited on the server

DCS Hawk by VEAO

  • AHRS failure on re-spawn fixed.
  • HYD2 pressure loss on re-spawn fixed.
  • Keyboard pitch control now auto re-centers preventing HYD bleed during flight.
  • Liveries: “Finland HW-329 Green Brown” added to country Finland
  • Liveries: “Finland HW-341 Grey” made more matte and wrong liveries name fixed (was “HW-373 Grey” instead of “HW-341 Grey”)
  • Swiss textures being black in F1 and F2 view fixed.


  • Fixed radio indicator showing “—.–” when radio powered off
  • Updated mil-power engine performance
  • Updated airfoil tables for more correct sustained turn rate
  • Updated damage configuration
  • Added DDM Equipment
  • Added Caucasus Campaign (1.5.5 only)
  • Added Caucasus Training Missions (1.5.5 only)
  • Added CMD Program Edit
  • Added BLG-66 Belouga cluster bomb
  • Removed MK-20 Rockeye cluster bomb

DCS Fw 190 D-9

  • Pilot model in cockpit is able to be disabled
  • Decreasing of fuel quantity via rearm/refuel dialog will not affect MW50 tank
  • Inverted keyboard commands for reticle brightness control


  • Second AIM-9 missile will have a seeker indication on HUD
  • Simplified Radio is restored


  • Sling-load gameplay upgraded: new loads were added ( 8 so far, more to come with updates) with their dynamics tuned, sling damage upon contact with helicopter implemented, crew chief sling-load operation voice commands added.
  • Released model of rope damage with helicopter
  • Released model of cargos damage with world objects
  • AI door and rear gunners added ( Door gunned with “KORD” 12.7 mm machine gun and rear gunner with PKT machine gun 7.62 mm), with ability to play as door gunner. Different predefined settings for combined TrackIR and mouse interactions for view and machine gun controls were added.
  • if in addition to existing input devices (keyboard, mouse, joysticks) there is a head tracking device (TrackIR), views and gun can be controlled in three different ways without the need for self settings by user
  • Reworked helicopter dynamic according to taken damage or systems failures (tail rotor fails dynamic, tail breakaway, tail rotor transmission fin damage);
  • Destructive overload was fine-tuned (gear break possibility, tail rotor breakaway), gear friction, damage system from projectiles hits tuned, crew cabin armor implemented;
  • Cockpit sound was tuned and fixed according to real Mi-8 pilots feedback;
  • Gun Camera added.
  • Special options for module were changed, including addition of joystick without springs and FFB option.
  • Incorrect changes in camera pitch caused by airframe shake fixed
  • Pilot’s guide was reworked, every procedure illustrated, systems descriptions added (including frequently asked questions on forums), typos and inaccuracies fixed (guide volume increased by 100%).

We are aware of the bug with the m117 crate, it will be fixed in upcoming updates.

DCS Ka-50

  • ABRIS Search function will work
  • Restored chaff sound that was absent in some conditions

DCS L-39

  • Taxi and landing lights initialization at night hot start added

DCS Bf 109 K-4

  • Auto start sequence will not depend by radio start-up request if it was sent before


  • A-10C Piercing Fury Campaign. AI Chinook will land


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