DCS Carriers DLC is back on track after been put on the backburner. Wags announced that the Nimitz class carrier will soon be available in Early Access. Modeled after the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71), the new ship will feature animated deck crew and new ATC logic and voice over. The price remain to be determined.
Once the Roosevelt is completed, the team will move over the Arleigh Burke and the Kuznetzov

The Carrier DLC was originally planned for 2016 but was put on hold in favor of other ongoing projects. But with the Tomcat and Hornet release, the project is now way more pertinent than it used to be. The Kuznetzov was originally in the spotlight with these screens being published in January 2016.

CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt was launched in 1984, and participated in the Gulf war. Home to both F-14 and F-18C, it will be a nice addition to any Naval Aviation or ship passionate.

Learn more about the CVN-71:

The Arleigh Burke is also being overhauled

Hey everyone,

While not strictly Hornet news but certainly related, the improved carrier environment is moving ahead quickly:

1- The new Nimtiz-class aircraft carrier is nearing an early access release. There are a few items to first clean up like deck weathering, the bow catapult controller bubble, and elevator rails, but it’s coming along great. Once a bit further along, GA will make a spectacular video and we’ll discuss the features in greater detail. Once this is done, we’ll return to the Kuznetsov and then the Burke.

2- The deck crew animation for the bow cats is about done, and work has started on the waist cat launch animations for deck crew. This will also be using our new skeletal animation system.

3- CASE I radio communications are now working and being tuned. Once that is done, CASE II and III will be coded. All voice over lines for pilot, marshal, tower, approach, LSO, and departure have been recorded with several authentic personalities.

Our goal is to create the most realistic carrier environment ever done for a PC (entertainment and commercial). All in all, the carrier environment is going to be quite cool!


– Wags


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