This is the year of Naval Aviation! Eagle Dynamics is opening pre-purchase of the F/A-18C for Digital Combat Simulation today. A couple of month after the AV-8B, this is the 2nd fully modeled carrier capable aircraft joining the collection. While the pre-purchasing doesn’t allow early access today, it has the benefit of a $20 discount, off the “regular” $79.99 price. The Early Access is announced for the end of Spring, with features and weapons being added over time.

Features :

  • Professional Flight Model (PFM) and authentic Flight Control System (FCS)
  • Realistic model of the F/A-18C, down to each bolt
  • Detailed simulation of the Hornet’s many systems like engines, fuel, electrical, hydraulic, radios, lighting, emergency, and many, many more
  • Inertial and GPS navigation system with moving map display
  • Virtually all the weapons and sensors that a mid-2000s US-Navy F/A-18C operates
  • Highly realistic cockpit that is mouse interactive
  • Spin recovery system
  • Authentic Hornet sounds with assistance from Boeing
  • New effect like over-wing vapor
  • Virtual Reality support
  • Multiple Liveries



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