Eagle Dynamics announced their next WW2 plane. The FW-190A8 has been confirmed in development with some screenshot posted in today’s newsletter.


Eagle dynamics, 5/10/18:

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Coming to DCS World!
Our next warbird coming to DCS World will be the Focke-Wulf 190 A-8 Würger (Strike) of the German Luftwaffe. Designed by Kurt Tank in the 1930s, the Fw 190 was a single seat German fighter powered by a powerful BMW 801 radial engine. When first deployed, it provides largely superior to its main rival: the Spitfire Mk.V. This in turn led to the development of the Spitfire Mk.IX. We look forward to some great online dogfights between the Fw 190 A-8 and the Spitfire Mk.IX!

Capable of both aerial and ground attack missions, the A-8 model entered production in February 1944 and included thicker armor and improved engine design. We see the “Butcher Bird” as a great addition to the stable of DCS World War II aircraft and will be a perfect fit for the Normandy map!


Taking WW2 Seriously ?

The FW-190A8 is a neat move as it was the variant available during the Normandy campaign. It is interesting to see Eagle Dynamics focusing their development in a specific timeframe.

Although the plane looks like the D-9, it is still sensibly different.  The A-8 has a radial BMW engine, slightly less powerful than the D-9. The nose is really shorter and more rounded, typical sign of a radial engine. The variation of power, weight, and aerodynamics will involve some serious rework on the flight model and the warbird may feel a bit different than your regular D-9.

Beside the development of the A-8, the now 6 years old P-51D is getting some love with some texture rework. One can hope that the conversion of the Focke Wulf will open the door for more P-51 variants too !

No pricing or date yet

With a good chunk of the work already being done for the D-9, one can expect the module to get out of the door faster than other “fresh” releases. It is the first time a variant of an existing DCS plane is announced – So the big question is: what about the price?  While some serious work is involved in the conversion of the D-9 to the A-8 and the “money grab” argument can’t really be used, it will be interesting to see if ED can come up with an advantageous offer for those who already own the later D-9 variant, or if an FW-190 combo package will be available.

We all know you are waiting for this one !


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