As many people celebrate Victory Day in Europe, we are in for a treat from OctopusG. Almost silently, the team developed the I-16 and surprised everyone with the release today.
The i-16 is the 5th DCS Warbird to join the DCS Family (variants excluded). It spices up the current list with a bit of Soviet taste. It is available now for $39.99 on the DCS Shop

Hunting M1 Abrams with late ’30s fighter !

The Polikarpov i-16 was one of the iconic Russian warbirds during World War 2. Slow but turning tighter than a helicopter, it is a deadly turn fighter of the early war period. While it remain outclassed by the other DCS modules currently available, its four machine guns and extreme agility will spice up dogfights, even for boom’n’zoom style pilots.


  • Detailed animated 3D fighter model
  • True interactive cockpit providing 6DoF
  • Realistic simulation of aircraft systems including electric and fuel flow system, engine system and lighting facilities
  • Realistic simulation of unique mechanical landing gear retraction system
  • High-density textures of the cockpit and external 3 D model providing reflection and bump maps
  • Set of authentic liveries



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