Eagle Dynamics has published Open Beta 2.5.4 – 29167. The patch contains several fixes for the F-14 and apparently some improvements to the Aim-54 desynchronisation bug in Multiplayer.

NOTE: The network protocol has changed. Servers with the old version of the game will not be available.

DCS World

  • Fixed crash when use trigger “Start player seat lock” with incorrect number.
  • MP. Improved synchronization of client’s phantoms of AIM-54 missiles.
  • Ship’s cruise missiles. Fixed a wrong launch orientation of missile.
  • ME. Corrected unit templates: Hawk SAM Battery standard and Hawk SAM Battery reinforced, S-300, Patriot. Corrected name of Rapira position.

DCS: F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations[list]

  • Fixed CTD with Jester sound memory allocation
  • Sidewinder volume input entries corrected
  • Removed ‘ECM Jam Toggle’ from the pilot input.
  • Jester “tune TAC” and “tune ground station” channel number fixed for channels >= 64Y (previously Jester was adding one to the channel number for that range).
  • Fixed Jester swapping X and Y when using TACAN manual tune.
  • LANTIRN sensitivity to fog and dust adjusted/fixed. Should now be possible to engage tracking with dust enabled.
  • Countermeasures mission editor preset loading fixed.
  • Fixed datalink frequency keybinds not updating panel rollers.
  • Tuned core and afterburner thrust slightly.
  • Adjusted inlet efficiency.
  • Adjusted compressor stall and other engine issue probabilities in SEC mode.
  • Redesigned FFB model to more closely match artificial feel system.
  • Fixed SEC mode nozzle behavior (always commanded closed now).
  • Tweak HUD VVI and AoA error (E bracket) towards realism per SME feedback.
  • Added Sidewinder circle scan (note: not visible!)
  • Fixed pilot+RIO ICS hot/cold/override keybinds.
  • Fixed sticky master caution keybind.
  • Add some community-supplied keybinds for: throttle mode, oxygen, emer wing sweep cover, eng/probe anti ice, asymm thrust limiter, hydraulic transfer pump, fuel feed, anti skid
  • Show IM/IN alternating with MV on HSD if mag var greater than 5deg.
  • Show TACAN info on HSD/ECMD in LDG display mode with AWL/PCD steering mode.
  • Reset guarded switch states for hydraulic transfer pump, emergency flight hydraulics, fuel feed, emergency generator
  • Radar: use selected elevation bars for supersearch and acquisition scan patterns.
  • Fix SP/PH missile firing order when not all 6 stations are fitted.

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Updated CN localization.
  • Solved issue with telebriefing dimmer moving ADF intercom button.


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