Eagle Dynamics published a patch for the Open Alpha version today, along with his traditionnal weekly newsletter.



DCS: Spitfire LF Mk.IX UpdateScreen_160414_132734

Work continues on the Spitfire LF Mk.IX at a rapid pace! This week we integrated the long-awaited RAF pilot to the cockpit.
Primary development on the flight dynamics is nearing completion and we believe you will be very happy with the results. We think it is our best work yet. Our efforts are now moving to the Hispano-Suiza HS.404 20 mm-caliber automatic cannons. These will include realistic ballistics for all main ammunition types used during WWII.




DCS MiG-21bis are not functional until next update.
Sorry for inconvenience.

DCS World

  • New implementation of the integrity check function
  • Spanish names added for the airfields
  • Corrected gun strafing of AI for some cases
  • Corrected of AI group ship attack
  • Triggered messages will not stay in middle part of screen after radio menu has been disappeared
  • Fixed crash after recovering player’s aircraft
  • Issue with appearing of briefing images from previous mission fixed
  • 3rd parties radar detect late activation aircraft before they are activated fixed
  • MP. Added Input adjustment panel
  • ME. Fog Thickness slider restored
  • Player aircraft will not explode when reach negative altitude
  • IR missile will lock illumination munitions
  • Simulation will not be affected by key commands during adjusting procedure into an input adjusting game panel
  • ATGM BGM-71E. Tuned performance. Max range about 3800m, motor time 1.5 sec, life time 23 sec.
  • SA-15, Tor SAM. Increased max range param at low altitude.
  • Added SF DRM panel call button in the module manager
  • Georgian mandad SAM corrected
  • Multidisplay function corrected
  • Fixed crash caused destruction of static object by script
  • Mission resources (triggers) will be cleaned during mission exit to avoid conflict with the follow-up mission
  • ME. Added possibility to select of parking place to aircraft after landing


  • Corrected input of speedbrakes in Game Mode (Easy Avionics)
  • Added M-117 bombs
  • Control stick gun trigger will have two-stage
  • Added corrected flight manuals EN and RU
  • Added training missions
  • Landing gear emergency implemented
  • Corrected Hellenic Air Force skins
  • Guns heating and cooling adjusted
  • Input presets for “SideWinder FFB 2” fixed
  • Landing gear indicators corrected
  • AN/ARN-6 Radio Compass Panel corrected
  • Throttle and wing flaps lever corrected
  • Added parking brake
  • Added missing “0” position to Mach meter
  • Airspeed indicator errors fixed
  • Input for manual ranging control corrected
  • Mach number indicator needle movement corrected
  • Added clickable and input for G-Limit Indicator Light
  • Added input for warning and emergency switches on oxygen panel

DCS Bf 109 K-4

  • Synced radiator flaps of clients in MP
  • Canopy will be opened after repair
  • The weight of MW50 mixture will be accounting in the aircraft weight

DCS Fw 190 D-9

  • The weight of MW50 mixture will be accounting in the aircraft weight


  • Su-25. Misaligned the reticle of gunsight and actual aim point is fixed
  • F-15C. Aircraft centreline symbol on HUD corrected
  • MiG-29. G/AoA limit sounds corrected
  • Su-25. Corrected Mode switch on the stick
  • Su-27. Added airframe damage by high overloads
  • F-15C. Occasionally hang-up during mission loading fixed

DCS MiG-15bis

  • Added padlock

DCS L-39

  • L-39ZA: Radio button on throttle will clickable
  • Corrected views during ejecting sequence
  • Corrected flaps animation
  • Flaps position indication in the status bar corrected


  • Engine failure trigger corrected
  • Cargo rope will appears correct for new client
  • Option “Mirrors” added

DCS Ka-50

  • Damaging the right side will not always causes both hydros to fail
  • Shkval TV will be affected by candle (illumination) munitions
  • Added Russian localisation to Republic campaign


  • Fixed missing recoil on right minigun


  • Fixed bug that cause server crash when client takes Stinger SAM

DCS C-101 by AvioDev

  • Rear canopy works correctly now.
  • Toe brakes animation added.
  • Rear pilot head animation corrected, now reacts correctly to turns.
  • Added RU localization.
  • Added RU missions.
  • Several localization issues corrected.
  • Mirror mechanism corrected.

DCS Hawk T.1 by VEAO

  • Updated cockpit textures – Set High, Medium or Low in Options, Special, Hawk tab. (High – 4096, Medium – 2048, Low 1024)
  • EFM fully integrated.
  • Set wheel brake left and right in Axis options – Nose wheel steering has been removed.
  • Toe brakes and rudder pedals animated.
  • Parking brake added.
  • Trim can be set using keyboard, joystick or using the switches in cockpit.
  • Rudder and aileron trim gauges animated.
  • Brake pressure gauges animated.
  • Keyboard control inputs working – throttle, pitch, roll and yaw.
  • Oxygen hypoxia effect tweaked.
  • Anti-skid function added – default operation is off until entering runway.
  • Pitot heat function updated.
  • Standby (emergency) brake and flaps functions added.
  • Visual buffeting added for stall and over-speed.
  • Low level high speed ground effect added (wind must be set in mission)
  • EFM damage model implemented; when aircraft section destroyed, EFM is affected.
  • Aircraft no longer hovers above ground when gears damaged.
  • Auto-start sequence (Left Win+Home) updated to remove rotation light.
  • Auto-stop sequence (Left Win+End) updated.
  • Auto-start/stop sequence added to joystick assignments (under cheat section).
  • Updated cockpit textures High/Medium/Low. Set your preferred level in Options, Special, Hawk tab.
  • Radios partially functional; Ground crew and UHF AM New cockpit sounds.
  • New engine sounds.
  • Additional bugs no doubt introduced.
  • Aim-9M LAU-7 pylon added. Mission designers need to update their missions for this change.
  • Sidewinder tone for seek and lock now working.
  • Aden gun pod added, UPK removed. Mission designers need to update their missions for this change.
  • Single and Quickstart Missions updated for Aden.
  • Gun switch “on” will now open the gun switch cover on the joystick.
  • Weapons panel hot or missile panel hot will open fire button cover on joystick.
  • Air start option – Weapons now armed.
  • F2 view; flaps and RPM indicator now working.
  • Kneeboard joystick assignment for mark position and page changes fixed.
  • Detached Det cord showing inside of canopy now removed.
  • Training Start-up mission updated for EFM functions.
  • Safety pins removed by default.
  • Backlighting on main panel altered.
  • Engine Start/Re-light button clickable added to throttle model in-sim (click to start GTS).
  • Updated click spots to move with throttle movement.
  • Various texture label updates in cockpit.

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM

  • Added ECLAIR pod (not yet functional)
  • Added electrical power distribution network
  • Added electrical power damage handler
  • Added M-2000C options section
  • Added canopy jettison lever
  • Added QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) power switch
  • Added nozzle efficiency loss calculations for non-ideal nozzle positions
  • Added emergency engine control logic for nozzle
  • Added separate bindings for flashlight and panel lights toggle
  • Added separate braking power logic between all wheels (full brake) vs.
  • just main wheels (half brake)
  • Added rearm functionality for parachute (may change after ECLAIR implemented, ECLAIR incompatible with parachute)
  • Added animation for canopy lever
  • Added cannon safety switch
  • Added radio repeater lights
  • Updated electrical system (more like completely rebuilt), still WIP
  • Updated gear suspension behavior to react more like reference videos
  • Updated direct control algorithm
  • Updated aero performance based on acceleration timing
  • Updated and increased braking power to correct values
  • Updated anti-skid logic for much better landing, takeoff, and taxi control
  • Updated control effectiveness tuning for more edge conditions
  • Updated autopilot behavior for correct logic (need to update manual for new behavior)
  • Updated drag calculations at high alpha/pitch rate
  • Updated weight-on-wheels (WoW) sensor logic
  • Updated FBW sensor parameters
  • Updated device initialization priority
  • Updated cockpit model and textures
  • Updated collision model
  • Fixed canopy lever getting into awkward and uncomfortable situations
  • Fixed AI no longer has landing lights on through gear when gear goes up
  • Fixed automatically leaving APP mode to show Jx (chevron) when touching down after landing
  • Fixed doubled mass consumption rate in external wing tanks
  • Fixed strobe light timing
  • Fixed duplicate binding for navigation and formation lights
  • Fixed navigation light toggle functionality
  • Fixed VTB roll indicator only going half of roll
  • Fixed clock to show correct GMT time
  • Fixed AI SFM fuel consumption
  • Fixed wheel brake axis only using 50% of values
  • Fixed wheel brake instability and steering issues
  • Fixed uncommanded pitch up behavior off takeoff or in steep climb
  • Fixed uncommanded pitch behavior in high roll rate
  • Fixed direct control behavior to reduce control sluggishness
  • Fixed fuel bingo interpreted incorrectly at low commanded values
  • Fixed select altitude autopilot behavior and interpretation of commanded values
  • Fixed on-ground engine RPM
  • Fixed N dial readability issues
  • Fixed some switch covers intersecting switches
  • Fixed cockpit pressure gauge using incorrect parameter
  • Fixed reference wing area for SFM (AI)
  • Fixed nozzle position logic for correct behavior
  • Fixed wrong limit on VOR/ILS frequency
  • Fixed SEC CALC switch model
  • Fixed annunciator panel label from TRN to TR
  • Fixed emergency throttle model


    • Eclair is a countermeasure pod placed under the fusolage near the exhaust. Where the parachute is placed.
      So thats why the parachute probably will be removed in a later stage when you use the eclair.
      I dont know the amouny of countermeasures it can handle.


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