Could this finally be the year? Maybe.


Having written about 2016 in retrospect, it seemed appropriate that I present I hope that we may see in the not-to distant-future. I am fairly positive that I am not alone in my first choice would be if I had my way (and I don’t!) it would be the DCS;F/A-18C., surely the most anticipated module in development. Still others, are equally , if not ,more excited by the prospect of flipping off that guy in the opposing ‘Mig-28′, canopy to canopy; in the form of Leatherneck/DCS:F-14A+B Tomcat Module.  Last year saw the introduction of more than a few new modules, one or two still on my to-do-list. From where I sit there seem to be more choices than I can keep up with. No sooner do I get the hang of one, then I’m trying to learn another while still struggling to assimilate the tutorials and Chuck’s Guides to this or that module while mastering none. At least not to my satisfaction at any rate. None of these considerations will prevent me from purchasing another as soon as it (or they), become available.

It was with a great deal of excitement that I noted(As have others, no doubt), that the number of screenshots featuring the upcoming Hornet module, that causes one to wonder: Could it be close? Could this finally be the year? Maybe. I unabashedly admit that I am finally allowing myself to ponder this very thought. The only answer I can truly, honestly think of is ; possibly. The level of interest is on the rise, particularly in light of Woona’s ‘History of the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet. Note the ‘DCS’ inclusion. While there is a historical mini-documentary(old historical clips), included, there can be no mistaking of the purpose. To get us all primed. I don’t know about you, but it’s working on me.




Consider that the introduction of leatherneck’s AJS37 Viggen, comes with a working if somewhat antiquated Air/Ground radar. The little feature coupled to the fact that the ‘Swedish Thunderbolt’, carries Anti-ship missiles and standoff weapons will add a more robust naval element to DCS World, currently only available through the Flaming Cliffs 3 SU-33 ‘Sea Dragon’ campaign. Now we have expanded counter maritime which most likely means that we eventually may see an expanded number of target types besides those three hapless freighters FC3ers, keep sinking over and over again. No doubt there are some tweaks to be made, at least in the case of DCs: AJS 37 Viggen, as some functions and capabilities are still in the process of being fully modeled. It’s clear that the module, while still in beta, is surprisingly sophisticated given the time period, in itself a tribute to the innovative creativity of Swedish designers.






As far as I know, there is no WW2 Pacific Map under development…


These developments seem to point to the distinct possibility that ED/DCS:F/A-18C Hornet  can’t be too far away. Likewise, the Tomcat which by the way, for those that don’t know, will be known as the ‘Heatblur /DCS F-14A+B Tomcat’.(Likewise the AJS 37, too.) following the break up of the Leatherneck Team into two separate studios(Breaking up is SO hard to do.) DCS:Mig-21Bis, will soldier on under the label Magnitude 3,and it is my understanding that they also will continue development of an F4U Corsair, though I have no idea at this time about any projected release or specific details, but I seem to recall that the Corsair may, I repeat, may, be a component of a different game/sim altogether and not necessarily stand alone, since as far as I know, there is no Pacific WW2 Map under development in-house. Details at this time remain sketchy. Stay tuned for further.  If it is stand alone, then it seems logical at least, that the development time for the latter, may be significantly shorter ,but it’s difficult to know with any certainty. We will have to stay tuned for further

For those of you who are worried that the Tomcat will be delayed by the Leatherneck divorce,  Heatblur sources insist no such delay is anticipated which according to them will be around the Q4 or so.




I would be remiss indeed…

I’m not done yet, either. There are a lot of guys out there, though who are looking forward the release of the Normandy 1944 Map,and I would be remiss indeed if I didn’t address it. Great news people! Normandy Map 1944 alpha and DCS WW2 Assets Pack are available for Pre-Purchase at 20% off as of now. Like the Nevada Map  it will be an Early Access alpha till such time that it’s not. Some Kickstarter contributors ( depending on contribution level) will get the Map and Assets Pack for free. The rest of us…oh well…at least we finally get the map. As we have all come to expect theatre detailing is up to the level of quality we as customers, have all come to expect, and while I can’t as yet say with certainty when the Wags and the team at Eagle Dynamics are going to ‘let slip the ‘Bugs of War’, but it looks to be sometime this year at least, so from where I’m sitting, 2017 looks to be off to a great start. Yeeehaaa!






















































  1. If I am right the Harrier (av-8B – first, than other types) is supposed to be released this year. Also a very intresting model – VTOL capability, Lightning pod etc. I presonnaly cant wait for that one.

    • I really hope so. At the time I wrote that, I had my doubts, but given the level of texture in the screenshot released recently, I have begun to rethink that supposition.


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