Sunday, May 19, 2019

DCS World is a Flight Simulation geared toward combat, from WW2 to modern times. Born from the succesful “Lock On!” Series, it is now featuring helicopters, warbirds, combat jets of various generations…. and even some armored combat! The game comes for free with 2 aircrafts, while others aircrafts and maps needs to be purchased separately. You can learn more (and download) the game here.

Latest News

DCS: I-16 released!

As many people celebrate Victory Day in Europe, we are in for a treat from OctopusG. Almost silently, the team developed the...


AC Competizione Patch: Dynamic Weather, Damages and Penalty system

Assetto Corsa Competizione is shifting gears - patch 0.7 introduce a whole crowd of new elements. Dynamic weather is now implemented in...

Monte-Carlo is Back!

Aerobatics & Racing

Onward 1.6 Patch Content Revealed

Onward, the VR shooter simulation, is soon to receive a major graphic overhaul. Maps and effects will be improved for a more...

Trouble with an aircraft ? Mixing up the switches ? Chuck’s library got all the guides you need.

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