Deadstick – Bush Flight Simulator is a brand-new simulator being developed in England by Remex Software. The studio wants to bring fresh air in the flight sim genre by creating a study sim mixed with the gameplay elements of a transport sim like Euro Truck Simulator. After the news spread in our ChairForce Group, we decided to have a look into it. And so far, it’s only good news !


Big Wheels, Big Fun !


Bush Pilot Simulator.

You will be a bush pilot in charge of delivery operations in a fictive, unwelcoming environment. Far from shooting missiles or dealing with a lunatic ATC operator, you will have a small prop plane with big wheels, and you’ll deal with bad weather, challenging terrain and taking care of your lovely, small single prop aircraft.  Also, do not let your tools lying on the floor of your hangar, you may trip into them when you get down your plane!   The developers have included a “First Person” mode where you can walk around your aircraft and do quite some important stuff. You will have to deal with loading the aircraft yourself, keeping an eye on balance and weight. Preflight check and maintenance will also be on you.

Your Office


New Engine, New promises

During the FlightSim 2017 conference, the developer mentioned more about the game specifications.

  • 64 Bits
  • Physical Flight Model
  • Clickable Cockpit
  • Every Systems modeled
  • Aircraft Customization (assuming you earn enough!)
  • Accurate Terrain Modeling (down to individual rocks)
  • Career mode

The simulator will feature advanced weather condition with windshear, turbulences, Icing. VR is being worked on. Some other features are being researched, but aren’t planned for initial release. That includes real life terrains, and multiplayer.



Punctual appearance or the next big license?


The Flight Simulator industry is a ruthless world where FSX/P3D and X-plane are battling hard, and where newcomers quickly get forgotten. Yet, Deadstick is coming with fresh promises, and the passion of Chris Cheetham, lead developer and real pilot, is clearly visible.  We wish them the best, and we’ll keep an interested eye on this simulator for you.

Like the off-road simulator Spintires, which came out of nowhere and became a hit among simulator enthusiasts, Deadstick has the potential to be the next big surprise in the flight sim industry.



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