The Development is still on the way in Deka Ironworks studio. Along with their progress on the JF-17, there are some progress done on the free China Asset Pack. While there is still a long way to go, it is interresting to see China in the spotlight for once.

Hi everyone,
It’s been a long time no update. Since we’ve officially started the work for half year, there are still many things we need to explore, study and get familiar with. Also, our members enjoyed a long break during Chinese New Year in Feb.

Since March, our programmers have been busy working on the architecture of the big MFCD rendering code. The MFCD of JF-17 can work as an entire screen, and can also display info into split screens [a square one plus a small rectangle one below]. Therefore, a good code structure design can greatly reduce the complexity and future workload of our ASM programmers. Our artists are still finishing and refining the external and internal models of thunder. Matching the quality level of model and texture of other 3rd parties is a challenging task, but our modelers are filled with fighting will! Sorry that for JF-17 there is no picture ready to share with you this time.


There are discussion around a Flyable FC J-11A

Regarding CAP, we are moving forward a bit slowly. Fortunately, there are several volunteers help us expand the pack. Here are some WIP pictures of KJ-200 from Biller, and a WIP YJ-62 for 052C. We are contacting Silver Dragon for adding his Pr. 205 and SY-1 into CAP. We’ve also discussed with ED about flyable J-11A. If we have any news, we would like to share with you. Like most players, we would like to see flyable J-11A to enrich the ‘Red’ force. To make it able to appear in both sides in MP match, we added J-11A to AUSAF (fictional!) and made a few new skins (fictional too!).

At the end, thanks for your patience and support so far!



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