Deka Ironworks published some screenshots of upcoming 3D models. These are potential A.I. addition for the Chinese Asset Pack. We learn that the team plans to add J-10A, JH-7A and H-6H into the game. The models were made years ago by the team, which then focused on the JF-17. Now, they tasked a junior artist to finish the models and import them in DCS. The studio promises news about the JF-17 after the F/A-18 (early) release.

Last tease before summer.
We are planning AI aircraft of J-10A, JH-7A and H-6H (A volunteer just started H-6D, and hope we will have this too to shoot YJ-6). These three models are early works from our artists made years ago. Since now they need to focus on JF-17 models, another junior artist will finish all details and export them to DCS on his pace.
To make more progress on JF-17 and show something to you after F/A-18C early access, we will start emissions control after today


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