Bohemia Interactive is currently developing a « Tank » DLC for the ArmA 3 game. Like other extensions it also brings new content, but also some fresh upgrade to the base game. In this case, it is interior 3D view for the game’s armored vehicles. They are currently available for test in the game dev-branch, a special beta version optionally available in Steam. Beside the free cockpit upgrade, the DLC package will include 3 new tanks.

We round off this roadmap with an ambitious goal: overhauling the experience of armoured combat in Arma 3. This package will follow our well-established model: a set of premium assets, which bring something new to the sandbox, supported by platform improvements and additions for everyone, for free. We encourage our community to share their own wishes on the topic, too!



With the IFV interior being implemented, the studio published a short interview of Luboš Groch, the DLC lead artist, who is detailing the reason behind this cockpit upgrade.


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