Acclaimed Racing Simulation Dirt Rally will return in 2019.  Codemaster released a long press release covering many details on the upcoming game, including a release date.  Set for February 26th, the second opus of their simulation franchise will, without doubt, make a lot of mud drivers happy.  Featuring both actual and historical rally cars, the game will bring you thru 6 countries, as well as the official  World Rally Cross Championship stages.

“Our passionate, knowledgeable community helped to make DiRT Rally a special title. We have been working with a selection of that community alongside a roster of real world rally drivers to ensure that we meet their high standards”


The country list shows big changes compared to Dirt 1. Although not explicitly mentioned, we may not be able to enjoy the iconic Monte-Carlo race. Aside from Spain which is now a mixed type race, all countries mentioned are known to be racing away from roads. It seems the game will be restricted to gravel roads only, which could raise a few eyebrows. But on the bright side, some iconic countries such as Australia and New Zealand should provide some really interesting and original sceneries:

  • New Zealand
  • Argentina
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Australia
  • USA

New Zealand is famous for his beautiful sceneries

Vintage cars may appeal older player who grew up watching local rally races

The Press Release :


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