DTGFS Dovetail Game’s ‘Flight School’, is out on Steam, after a gauge glitch in the French version was first discovered which delayed introduction but, has since been resolved. DTG Flight School is the first of two new flight simulations the company has set out to bring to the members of the flight sim community, who constant demand the best in as realistic experience as possible. The new sim will give beginner’s in particular, a more structured introduction to simulated flight, which not only includes basic flight instruction, but principals of navigation, procedures aeronautics, all the nuances 0f Basic Pilot Training schools in the real world using a number beautifully rendered General Aviation aircraft.




A second project , Dovetail Game’s Flight Simulator, will be more ‘Free Flight’ based, is on track for release later in 2016, and though details are still sketchy at this point, more information will as the project matures. For more pricing information, system requirements as well as developmental and product news, go to www.dgtflightschool.com.


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