Eagle Dynamics announce they have partnered with Electronics Arts. The first product of the partnership will be “Modern Air Combat“, a new Combat simulation derived from DCS World, and aimed to attract new players into the flight sim genre. With a Flamming Cliff style modeling, it is already called “The Modern IL2” on various forums. Reading thru the line, DCS World is likely to be covered by the deal, although there is no explanation of how this will turn out for 3rd Party. We reached various 3rd party for comments but they actually can’t mention anything with their Non Disclosure Agreements. ED will communicate a new road map later thru the week.

Modern Air Combat will revive the Lock On Series gameplay style.

Redwood City, California

We are happy to announce that Eagle Dynamics has joined forces with Electronics Arts to evolve our product line for the demands of modern gaming, and move it into the future. We are firm believers of “games as a service” model, and the experience of Electronics Arts will be a key asset to expand the genre to new audiences. We are all for keeping things alive with continous stream of new content to keep you guys invested! Expect more frequent DLCs and Graphic update. We will communicate an updated road map in the upcoming days.

Matt “Wags” Wagner, Eagle Dynamics USA


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