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Hi there !

Some of you guys have been very vocal in complains lately. A few of our active member left after posting emotional threads, instead of getting in touch with us.  That’s a bit sad, because you would have learned that we are moving forward with things to arrange our group. So here is a bit of the complains we’ve heard, and here is a bit of our response.

  • Too much unrelated content

It the first, and the hardest one.  The content is done by our user. Unlike Eagle Dynamics who has their official page where the only interraction possible is praising the product, our group is user centric. You are making the content, we can just “steer” the page. It is up to all of you to make this group a DCS group, by mainly posting more DCS content. Beside this, most of us are also aviation enthousiast, and like to post / read real aviation news and joke. We can hardly prevent this to happen, because it has always been part of the group spirit. However, steps are taken to redirect some of the most contested content, see below

  • Falcon 4 content

The Falcon Mafia is always sticking around us, jalous of our superior game. 🙂  They try to get us into the darkside, with sneaky promises such as “dynamic campaign”, “huge theaters”, “Falcon4″…
Joke aside. We are going to move them all to gulag!

plot twist – We already created a Falcon 4 group !

We look to create the same community spirit in a Falcon4 dedicated group, so you guys can freely talk and ask questions about it, arrange MP sessions. Goal is not to separate the Falcon guys, but to open up a space for them, while the guys that only want to hear about DCS, to not get Falcon stuff in their news feed. The admin team is getting set up as we speak, I am currently locating the Falcon 4 spammer in our group to create a solid team. Beside this, room is available in twomoreweeks.net for Falcon 4 news. If you feel like redacting news about Falcon, don’t hesitate to contact me.
you can start joining here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1216005835105590/


  • Not enough unrelated content

This week, i deleted an absolute unrelated content, controlled explosion of ammunition cache in Syria. I explained that move publically so we keep an open discussion, and some complained about this.  So we are getting stuck between those who are fine with real war published, and those who wants to stick to DCS only. We will stay in the middle and limit the volume of real aviation post. This is going to include a systematic deletion of real combat stuff (people are dying down there), political stuff ( all those borders violation things ), airliner mishaps.

We urge you to limit the quantity of real aviation news and stick to quality articles that may relate to DCS modeled plane.

  • When is X/Y release date

People are looking for information. DCS world poor information system led us to create www.twomoreweeks.net, to gather all the news and information and get them sorted. However, we had a bad failure which got the site down for a couple of month.  And there we are with a surge in “When is….”  questions. 🙂

Now that I have more spare time, I will fix and finish the website. I’m convinced this will help reducing the volume of these questions.

  • Group size

I had a funny request from some of you.  To reduce and kick half of the group.  That will NOT happen.  It’s not that we are looking to get the “biggest” group. I do not care at all. The community is here to grow our game, help new players, answer questions, setup multiplayer games.  Limiting the group to an “elite” group of veteran is nowhere near our spirit. This kind of thinking is VERY DANGEROUS for the whole DCS community. In any sports/leisure, you need fresh guys to maintain a player base. We will not close the gates.

  • Hardware questions

I’ve seen a few hardware questions here and there.  Hardware market have been quite sluggish the last few years, but with VR requesting high load of power, the arms race is now back on between Nvidia and ATI. (ahem. AMD). These questions will surge. Since it’s about helping a DCS player to get set up, I don’t think it’s good to shut them down. Like the DCS news, a good way to limit these question would be to write a guide for the newb. I can’t do this, but if you want to, both the website and the facebook document section can help 🙂


  • A few last words

If you think “it should be like“, you are wrong. Think like “I can help with that

Please, keep that place civilized. Whenever you are not agreeing with someone, do not feel like its a sacred quest to convince him. Make your point and move into next thing.

We are doing our best keeping the group alive and in good health. Whenever you have an issue, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. And if ever you are disagreeing with us, please keep in mind we are spending hours reading you, answering questions, working on the website. Especially since we try to keep an open discussion regarding management and moderation. We are respecting everyone arguments – but going namecalling against an admin is an insta-ban. If you think we are wrong, get in touch with us. We may be actually be wrong ! But don’t go crusade against us. you can’t win. 🙂


Pierre Wolf


  1. I been a member for sometime and I have yet to find a post that bothers me,in the contrary I find this group really helpful and well organized.

  2. “No more real war content where people die”
    Okay! C’est noté!
    Sorry for some of my past post (none of them have been deleted though but i can understand)!
    I have a question : what are the policy about every nationalist related thing?
    I’ll post this’on facebook it might be easier to answer there!


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