Faces of War is a popular WW2 modification for Armed Assault 3.  They just released version 0.6 of their mod, adding some more factions such as Polish troops, Norwegian commandos, PanzerLehr, and a whole new set of assets.

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– AB new helmets
– US helmets reworked
– ranks for AB
– Dutch Windmill asset
– Flags
– Horizon Islands Faction
– UK mkII helmet with Foliage camo
– Fallschirmjäger Knochensack Sumpftarn camo variant
– Panzer Lehr Division
– Some EU map assets (wip for now)
– M1903a1 modeloptics
– UK Para gear Khaki Variants
– Polish Paratroopers
– Polish Commandos (No.6 Troop)
– Polish Commando and Para berets
– UK Commando Wool hat Variant
– maroon and tan SAS berets
– Norwegian Commandos (No.5 Troop)
– cromwell optic 75mm (petrtlach)
– fow_optional_increasedGearCapacity_c
– A6M Zero (very wip)
– F6F Hellcat (very wip)
– new texture for NCO M1 helmet
– minor cfg tweaks
– improved attenuationEffectType for vehicles
– Kokoda:
– more FoW vegetation
– Some new tunnels/caves + filled in defence areas more
– EnvSound tweaks, shouldnt be silent anymore + river volume decreased slightly
– hatches sounds
– mk2 fak camo texture bug
– Cromwell tracks don’t move
– Corrected spent cartridge eject location to bottom side for MG34 and MG42
– Panther coaxial MG smoke is coming from the main gun hole
– type 77 mg was very inaccurate
– folaige attached to the turret was moving with the gun barrel
– m5a1 collision
– mass for TNT
– mass value for m1928 (USMC)
– manual bolting module
– US Army M4A2 texture bugged in VG
– USMC Rifleman (M1 Carbine) has an M1 Garand webbing instead of the carbine one
– cromwell commander cupola can now rotate
– AB uniform improved
– removed movements’ sounds for the moment
– Improved garand ping sound (fixed MP bug)
– improved get out\in for statics



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