The large volume of Falcon 4 discussion in our DCS group lead us to the conclusion that a dedicated Falcon 4 group was now needed.  So we identified some random Falcon Spammers and created a new community group for them !

The Falcon 4 Mafia

Note that this is not a step to move them away, but to offer a clear, open space where the falcon drivers will be able to talk, organise stuff, share their story. We invite you to join this group and discover or represent the Falcon World. Like an old whisky, the simulator has a lot of flavor and quality, and even if you are a DCS addict, it would be a loss to not try that piece of simulation history.

Also, if you are an active member of the Falcon sphere, we are looking for a News Reporter for TwoMoreWeeks, to feed our “other games” section with Falcon 4 news.


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