25703621954_e27fbdcd43_oAs some of you may know, Falcon franchise’s new intellectual property owners requested downlad access to Falcon BMS to be removed, as well as references to earlier IP holders. BMS team obliged, but also always stated they believe this will be a temporary inconvenience, and that they were in talks with owners of franchise, which they believed will proceed positively.

Thankfully, it transpired exactly so, and about a week ago, Benchmark Sims released Falcon BMS 4.33 update 1, making the BMS available again.

As part of the community, I would like to express my thanks to both the new owners, Tommo Inc. / Retroism for being open minded and supportive of BMS, as well as the Benchmark Sims team, for continuing to improve and provide this great flight simulator for us simmers.

As part of the new structuring, Falcon BMS now requires, both during installation, and also everytime the sim is started, a legit installation of original Falcon 4.0. Installation can either be from original late 90s CDs or any newly released incarnations over Steam or GoG.com.

4.33 iteration of BMS was long awaited similarly with EDGE for DCS, and interestingly, it released about one month after DCS 1.5 with EDGE :). Among other things, it added improved 3D models and textures for various assets like aircraft and ground vehicles, as well as improved textures and autogen trees for maps. F-16’s implementation got even more realistic with individual different cockpits for additional variants beside sim’s mainstay, the Block 50 as well as various systems made more realistic. Mavericks now requires to be aligned with TGP, SPI system implemented for using sensors together, laser code for LGBs need to be set, as well laser mode needs to be set to Combat from default Train, buddy lasing implemented, and TGP now has a neat circle displayed for presumed blast circle of chosen bomb etc. Some unrealistic HOTAS functions fixed. Changelog for either 4.33 or 4.33 u1 are pretty big and are out of this article’s scope, point is, new update, and sim itself, is again available, and you can get it here with this link.

Regards, and happy flying!




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