Here is the monthly recap of February. It has been an interresting month, and we can’t wait to see what March will deliver !


Flight Simulators:

This month, the debugging process continues for DCS World 2.5 Open-beta. The dev-team is working hard on resolving the bugs found by the community.  Right behind them, Battle of Kuban is nearly complete. Currently being tested by their closed beta-testing team, the dynamic career mode and the remaining aircraft should reach our hard disk drive soon.

It seems they will be more gliders simulators this year than we had modern jet sim this decade.

In the civilian sector, Gliders are in the spotlight this month. Condor 2 is now available. The simulator is entirely dedicated to gliders with no compromise to realism. And a few days later,
Aerosoft discretely announced a series of mini-simulators which aims to bring new players into sim’ing. World of Aircraft: Glider will be their first title.






March promises to be interesting. It is likely that Battle of Kuban will release in its final form, with the A-20, P-39 and career mode introduction. Heatblur also promised videos to present the highly awaited DCS: F-14

The A-20 will be the second bomber available for the VVS.


Ground warfare:

The two major infantry simulators are undergoing an overhaul.  Squad Alpha 10 is now available. It introduces new Infantry mechanics, animations and possibilities. It now has a more realistic feeling. You can watch the trailer below.


ArmA3: Tank DLC development is nearly complete. In the dev build, beta tester can test a few of the new features, such as top down attack for missiles, ERA and slat armors, camo netting for vehicles… This will change the way armor and infantry interact.  We sent a special reporter to Stratis to test these for you.

The missiles pops out of the Launcher

Except if Tanks DLC releases, March may be quiet for the ground warfighters.

Naval simulations:

While the new campaign for Cold water is getting ready, Command: Silent Service has been announced. Releasing tomorrow, it is introducing new submarines capability and scenario into the strategic simulator Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. This latter received a patch which introduces some of the mechanics for free.

Meanwhile, the U-boot is slowly moving at periscope depth. It is getting ready for its Q2 release.


Competizione will bring Assetto Corsa graphics a few grades higher.


Kunis Simulation announced their next title. Branded after a GTR series,  Assetto Corsa Competizione aims for competitive gameplay and e-sports. Graphics are heavily upgraded with the introduction of the unreal engine.



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