The J-11a has some punch with the R-77 missile

Thanks to Deka Ironworks, J-11A is being implemented in DCS World. The Export version of our current Su-27S is currently being tested. It is a quick conversion of the Flaming Cliff Su-27, however it is equipped with upgraded fire control system allowing R-77 missiles, and a few visual upgrades. Sure thing: this will make the Su-27 enthusiasts happy. For server without Red/Blue setup, the J-11A will deliver with some US fictional textures. We don’t know yet if the jet will be sold alone or will be added to FC3 package for free.

The J-11a has some punch with the R-77 missile

Thanks for the support from ED, flyable J-11A as part of FC3 will be in DCS in next update. IRL, J-11A is almost identical to Su-27SK but with some upgrade of avionics to launch R-77. From external, J-11A has many difference from Su-27 and I believe most of you have already noticed them.

In game, players will see completely same avionics as Su-27, but can launch R-77 [no countdown timer, IRL, there is not either], and can control the anti-collision light [same key as F-15C anti-collision light]. Currently, we don’t have time/artist to modify the cockpit (SEI-31 replaced by MFI-55, and some gauge position change). Maybe in the future, we would try to give J-11A a unique cockpit model.

Thanks ED again!


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