Leatherneck has published some details about their progress on the AJS-37. They report the plane nearly complete. They also state that a JA-37 may get included, and that plans to do a FC3 level JA-37 is actually being considered.

The Viggen is for the most part feature complete. Mostly bugfixing and missionbuilding in progress.
Artwork has been lagging behind, hence the delay.

Yes, we hope to include a JA-37 (even Di) as an AI companion to the AJS. Doing a full-fledged JA-37Di is a lot of work. Perhaps a lite (FC) version down the line or something. No decisions made yet.
The main reason we’ve spent time with the Di lately is because it’s the only Viggen around my parts (Graz). As mentioned previously, we’ve spent a lot of time in various AJ/AJS cockpits already.

Cobra – Leatheneck Simulations



This would likely answer the call for more variety in FC3 level plane. For those who aren’t familiar with the swedish line, the AJS-37 is a cold war era swedish ground attack plane, while the JA-37 is a fighter/interceptor based on the same airframe.




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