Flying Circus got two new iconic biplanes today. The Fokker D.VII and the Sopwith Dolphin. The Sopwith Dolphin is a British fighter made in 1917. Equipped with a 200hp Hispano Suiza, it can reach up to 200kph. Armed by the traditional dual Vickers Mark.1, it embarks 1000 rounds to shred enemy planes. Along with the Dolphin, another deadly fighter. Considered as one of the best fighters back in the time, the Fokker D.VII entered service in 1918. Sporting a 180hp 6 Cylinder Mercedes Engine, it is armed with two 7.92 machine guns with 500 round each.

Learn more about these plane on Rise Of Flight Product page

The studio note that the two planes mark the project halfway to completion. While it will take long before the game reaches the same level than its predecessor, Rise of Flight, the 1CGS/Ugra Media partnership seems to work brilliantly without impacting the two other projects, Tank Crew and IL2 Battle of Bodenplatte. Along with the planes, the Arras Map is being prepared.


Tank Crew gets…. Crew!

Some more progress done on Tank Crew. The development continues and today the KV1 and Pz IVH1 gets their animated crew. The studio mentions that 4 new tanks and the new map, Prokhorovka, will get released very soon©. Among the new tanks, the famous Sherman (M4A2 version) will makes its debut, along with the Pz.IIIM.

Can’t wait for pistol duels between tank commanders

The new map Prokhorovka will features a “standard resolution” 106*106km map, with a 19*23km area with higher level of detail, adapted for a tank simulation. The goal is to provide a map adapted for combined arms operations.

The Battle of Prokhorovka saw the 2SS Panzer Clashing with the 5th Guard Tank Army in July 1943, with nearly a thousand armored units fighting against each other.

The zone containing detailed buildings developed for tank warfare and scenario campaigns in the historical events of Clash of Prokhorovka project is marked inside (106×106 km, the detailed zone is 19х23 km)

The High Resolution map will cover Prokhorovka and its surroundin

And… And… IL2 ?

IL2 Isn’t forgotten. While some may think the two others projects are delaying the long-awaited FW-190D9 (well, you still have DCS to polish your skills!), or the Iconic jet-powered Me-262, it isn’t really the case. 1CGS has built a strong partnership with Ugra Media and Digital Forms to drive the Tank Crew and Flying Circus Projects and is still on track on the WW2 development. So far, they have a great track record of delivering on time and only Battle of Kuban had a bit of delay.
Let’s keep faith in the studio!


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