After the release of their Boeing 732 v3, FlyJsim announced they are working on a new version of their 727. Their intention is to bring their 727 up to the same standard than their latest product. They want to fully take advantage of the latest tech introduced in X-plane 11.

In fact, they were already doing experiment months ago with PBR textures and teased the community with a video. However, this is the first time they really mention the overhaul of their product. While 727 fans around the world (including me) are opening the champaign, Turboprop fans are holding their breath: Will their Dash-8 gets the same treatment ?
No release estimate has been communicated yet. We will keep an eye on the progress for you !


Captains. We are pleased to formally announce that FlyJSim will be doing an upgrade to their 727 Series Professional. This is in part to our commitment to bringing our line of products to the quality bar you’ve come to expect from a next-generation X-Plane product. The 727 builds upon the experience and advancements made on our FlyJSim 732 Twinjet Professional V3, as we push forward to updating our products for full X-Plane 11 compatibility.

Here is what you can expect from us in the latest update :

-Flight model upgraded to be X-Plane 11 compatible for all three variants of the 727 series.
-Interior and exterior PBR texture upgrades.
-Updated cockpit manipulators and additional mouse wheel support.
-Updated support for the X-Plane 11 native FMC.
-Updated menus, similar to the FJS 732 Twinjet Pro.
-Upgraded maintenance system.
-Upgraded pressurization system.
-New custom replay system, similar to the FJS 732 Twinjet.

We look forward to sharing more details and images with you in the upcoming months.

The FlyJSim Team.



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