Matt Wagner and Polychop Simulation have held a live stream presentation of the Gazelle.  Matt shown up his mad flying skills while the polychop team was answering questions in the chat. This allowed to learn more about the upcoming helicopter.


CapturessssThe Gazelle will release with HOT3 missiles, having a range of 4300m. Those missile can be shot at slow moving target. A future free update will include a Gazelle equipped with SNEB Rockets, as well as one equipped with a 20mm gun.
For those who prefer peace, a Civil version will also be included.
The helicopter will comes with RWR and flare dispenser. It won’t have radar, neither IR jammer. All systems are modeled per its real life counter-part, except classified system such the RWR. An auto-pilot will feature altitude-hold, speed-hold, auto-hover and slaved to target. Fog, Icing, overheating and overstressing that bird will be implemented.

ffffffffThey will be no AI. You will be able to use the autopilot function to jump in the gunner seat. Multicrew will not be released during openbeta, but is planned for future update.
The module is planned for both 1.5 and 2.0. While no timeline has been confirmed yet – the direct answer to this question instead of referencing to the DCS 2.5 merge can make people dream about a not-so distant release.

The video will likely be available later, and we’ll update this news with Polychop’s Q&A document.

On the side note, the video also featured the upcoming Texture DLC for Caucasus, by Starway. Unfortunately, picking screens from a streaming isn’t really demonstrating them well.




For those who missed it, here is the complete recording. Warning : it starts at around 30:00

Matt’s youtube channel



Q : Will multicrew support be available at release?
A : no

Q : The Sa-342 Gazelle module include HOT and Scout variant, or have separate modules?
A : The release version will feature the HOT3 viviane version only, other variants will be added through updates post release

Q: In single-player (no multicrew), I assume that the AI pilot takes over at this point?
A: no AI pilot, you do everything on your own, meaning you put the helicopter in hover manually, then engage the autopilot auto-hover mode, then go to the copilot position

Q: If the player is sitting in the aircraft commander position, are the flight controls still active? I.e., pushing cycling etc.
A: yes, you can pilot the helicopter from the commander position

Q:We’ve heard that there will be special support for the recon mission hard-coded into the Gazelle. Does this mean that, e.g., if a specific target is in the LOS of the Gazelle some event will be triggered?
A: Such features were at test stage some time ago but were given up for technical reasons, mostly FPS issue and multiplayer incompatibility

Q: is it going to have campaign juts like Iraq-iran war?
A: A campaign is provided named “Operation Dixmude” using the Caucasus map for a NATO like operation

Q: Are the following effects modeled?
– fog / icing
– overheating / overstressing of the engine or other parts
A: yes

Q: I noticed in the excellent start up video you released you mentioned a fully functional navigation system on the Gazelle, what functions will be available on the system?
A: The real french gazelle navigation system has been simulated

Q: What is the maximun range of the HOT 3 missile?
A : 4300 m

Q : Which sub variant of the gazelle will be added first post launch? SNEB? 20 mm? etc.
A: SNEB Rockets and 20mm gun

Q: Have you worked with real life Gazelle pilots to make this module ?
A: yes

Q: Honestly, is there some systems that you are not able to put in the module compared to the real gazelle (by lack of information or other factors) ?
A: most sytems are fully functional, classified parts are not simulated

Q: Will there be a civil version or atleast a version without optics and weapons?
A: yes

Q: What are the limitations on the targeting camera and laser?
A: camera specifications are described in the manual, the laser is just for distance calculation, not for guiding a weapons

Q: Do they overheat?
A: no, laser device doesn’t lase continuously

Q: Will the Gazelle module have an engine damage model featuring the effects of excessive torque, engine TGT or oil temperature?
A: yes

Q: Does the gazelle have radar and ir jammers and detection equipment?
A: no radar, no IR jammer, but RWR and Flare dispenser

Q: What systems will be modeled and to what fidelity?
A: all systems as real as we could

Q: I would also like to know more about multi-crew also.
will their be individual slots similar to the L-39 when viewing the multiplayer GUI?
if multi-seat functionality is limited, can you just sit as a passenger? (although i hope pilot and co-pilot HOT operator will have their respective functions)
A: Multi-crew features questions can be answered only when it will be available

Q: Is it possible to use the Gazelle as a JTAC and share the laser with others modules as A10C with research mode?
A: The gazelle can spot a target, send distance and heading to any other asset using the radio (no data link)

Q : The HOT missiles can launched on moving target like an Aircrafts or vehicules?
A: no fast moving assets, vehicles yes

Q: Has she been tested with the Oculus Rift?
If so, how does she look?
A: a video will be released soon showing the gazelle with oculus rift

Q: My question is has there / will there been any changes on your side that improves field resupplying, or is it going to essentially be the same options we have now?
A: same as we have now

Q: Will we have Force Feedback?
A: Force Feedback has not been fully implemented yet

Q: could you tell us more about the autopilot and trim system on the gazelle?
A: the autopilor provides more stability, and 4 modes : altitude hold,speed hold, auto-hover, slaved to the camera target
The trim features 2 systems, a trimmer like in ka-50 and a trim actuator just like a plane

Q: Which countries in the ME will be able to use the Gazelle?
A: all that have at least one livery defined, at release time it will be France,USA,UK,Germany,Greece,Israel,Russia,Serbia, Syria.

Q:if the wire is cut does the missile continue on trajectory until it makes contact on it flight path or until it runs out of energy or does it go into an abort profile and turn skyward and explode safely?
A: The missile will fly ballistic after the wire is cut and explode after some time

Q: Will the crew have a voice? eg will the commander be able to call out missile warnings, threats to the pilot etc?
A: no, The RWR features a radar missile launch warning already

Q: Will the Gazelle be flyable as a UK aircraft and will there be a UK skin?
A: yes

Q: will gazelle use the upcoming garmin GPS if ED will release it?
A: no at the moment

Q: Does the gazelle have any lifitng capibilties like a hook like the Huey/Mi-8?
A: this will not be simulated at the moment

Q: Is the module planned to be released for version 1.5, 2.0 or both versions?
A: both versions

Q: Does the targeting sensor on the Gazelle use any type of IR pointer for any purpose that would allow it to visually designate targets for pilots wearing NVGs?
A : No

Q:Ah, that reminds me that somewhere I read about the danger of the rotor blades of the Gazelle hitting its tail during violent maneuvers. Can that happen in Polychop’s Gazelle?

A: this feature has been implemented for tests, then removed because of lack of precise datas about it. It could be re-implemented a soon we have real datas we can rely on


  1. Great review! Although the initial release won’t have the civilian version since it requires a different 3d model without the vivian system.

  2. I want this module but I feel like it will be really limited in its mission capacity initially, until the other variants are released.


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