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Polychop has published a preliminary Changelog for their Gazelle module. It will include a new Gazelle equiped with Air/Air Infrared “Mistral” Missiles, along with Multicrew support.


mistral-gazelleThis new addition will likely change a lot of things on the frontline. The easy “sit and shoot” that most Kamovs pilot were used to are over. This little Gazelle will make frontline helicopter pilots more difficult, and objective battle more intense. Beware, low flying CAS planes, this is a little flying MANPAD !



The Mistral has a 6 kilometers range, with a speed of Mach 2.6


More about this weapon : Wikipedia page


– Added SA342Mistral model featuring Mistral anti aircraft short range IR missile
– Added additionnal SA342Mistral separated manual
– Corrected encyclopedia files to display 3D weapons models
– Corrected lased distance to be calculated once only when asked
– Corrected autorotation collective behavior in final stage
– Corrected autopilot slaved mode to be linked only to camera azimuth
– Corrected range finder, now ground and vehicles can be spotted, but still no building
– Corrected landing in grass, now landing while sliding is possible
– Corrected module behavior when pilots die
– Corrected pilot sight display
– Corrected camera slew speed when not in autopilot slaved mode
– Added multi crew feature
– Added multi crew user manual
– Changed Video command box power rotator to be 2 positions now, flight manual has been corrected accordingly.
– Added Yougoslav livery for Serbia
– Corrected pilots eyes


cover picture : André BOUR




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