As our group just hit 12.000 members, we see more activity than ever. While we are lucky to have a mature and well-behaved community in general, more activity also means more workload moderating. As our group grew from a few hundreds to several thousands, we always discussed and decided changes and adjustments with you guys.  However, some choices that are in effect today may not entirely be clear for recent players.

Today, we are going to talk about how we are living the group from the “other side”.

But first of all, let me introduce you our new member : Alexander Ryan-Jones has been admitted in the KGB buro.


Eagle Dynamics, freedom of speech and respect

First, let it be clear again. We are a fan-group, not an official page. 😊 Our group is independent from Eagle Dynamics, which allows us to talk freely. Yet, we built our groups with certain values. One of them is respect. You can criticize ED and third party all day long, that isn’t an issue. However, they are also part of the community themselves and as such deserve some respect. While we won’t restrain criticism toward ED or third parties, it is imperative to do it with arguments, in an adult manner. Therefore, I invite you to share your point of view …. but with respect! This is worth for fanboy alike. You just can’t dismiss anything “because ED is great” – you also need to take a moment to understand one frustration at a delay or a faulty feature.
conclusion: We are not here to censorship anything, but we do not want the group to be toxic!

Obviously, that is the same for third parties as well 🙂


Behind the scene – the peacekeeping mission


Our mission is like peacekeeping. We are just watching you with popcorn, and when shit hit the fan, we try to make things goes right again.

Our internal policy is to try to do everything to avoid a ban. While we joke a lot about gulag, we do our best to solve issue peacefully.
Obviously, certain serious offenses fall in the insta-ban category such as racism, spam, piracy, cheat and threats against our members. But other than that, we will always try to do our best to settle the problem with a discussion, either in PM or in the problem. This is where our difficulties are. This is very time consuming, and some aren’t making it easy.

The group is made of various nationalities and cultures !

Also, most of our admins have years old of experience in the group. We our own chat where we discuss the group activity, and usually, when we say a thread going to derail, it happens really shortly afterward. So if sometimes you feel we are jumping quick on something, it’s because we know where it’s heading.

Likewise – We are spending hours handling the group every day. When an issue arises, it is recommended to have a chat with us. Especially if it’s a problem with the group management. Starting a war on us will bring no good, while you could slip a suggestion and make the group better (or learn why it is not like you wish).


A bit into the group history – Why X/Y is that way.


Our group had some major changes in the past.  A little FAQ of the group moderation:

  • Mods and Intellectual Property.

We have trashed some discussions about certain specific mods. The reason is: Intellectual Property. We are not sanctioning any mods using stolen assets or doubtful resources. You may want to ask: “why do you care”.  Well…. In the past, we were more relax about this. It ended with a young “dev” taking advantages or our community, scamming money and serial. Now, we have a close look at new projects, to make sure some people don’t take advantage of our member passion. Obviously, we always documented our position for transparency. If something is missing, just use the search button and old thread may appear, or PM an admin.

  • Off Topic content blocked

Back when we were a few hundreds, we could handle off-topic. After reaching the 5000 marks, it became an issue. Group was saturated with real life thread, often being reposts of the very same things.

DCS players are real life aviation passionate, so they obviously want to discuss real life stuff with their DCS mate. There were a lot of debates about it.
After a while, we figured out an alternative way: The Chair Force group.  Those who wants to discuss anything else than DCS can jump in there and get their dose of real-life thread, simulator comparisons….


Our group is always on top of news. However, the Facebook interface made it limited. At first, I launched as a DCS news site. The Chair Force experience confirmed a suspicion: Many DCS pilots often play other simulators, like I do. So now that little amateurish website is slowly trying to grow. 😊

  • Creating a new thread instead of answering the current debate

We are a lot in the group. If everyone do that, we will crash internet !   When a hot debate is happening in the community, there is no need for 34x threads. Just answer where we are discussing about it. Your argument isn’t more important than other people.


  • Aerobatics vs “Combat” Simulation

The Christen Eagle II announcement created a massive shitstorm thru the various DCS communities. While we generally let you guys steer the group – we had to jump in and settle the debate ourselves.
Our group have some DCS players that don’t do combat. Some folks are just here to enjoy helicopter physics, without doing combat (yes Helisimmer guys, I’m looking at you) and the few dozens of aerobatic teams represent a fair share of the online environment. Civil flight is already a thing in DCS – so it is in our group. Out of our “respect” policy, we decided to close the “Combat Sim” debate by welcoming DCS civilian content.

  • You abuse power / You aren’t moderating enough

Yes, we do receive these contradictions on a regular basis.  Some people think we should be more harsh, some people want us to get more relax on moderation. Well….. That is a good indication that we are doing good compromises. In an ideal world, you guys would behave and we wouldn’t be needed. But here you have, from all around the world, with different cultural behaviors. While some people find necessary to add up some insults to complete a lack of arguments, or “because real pilots does it”, it is certainly not needed in the group. Also, with the cold war being as cold as Texas in summer, there are frictions between nationalities….  So a few threads can quickly explode.
Therefore, we can’t go “Unrestricted Airspace” with 12.000 members. Like a pilot, just behave on the frequency. The pub is over there, with nice chairs.

We just try to keep this group alive, and healthy. We can’t tolerate everything, we don’t want to censor/ban on sight either. 😊

  • Suggestion/issue/problem?

If something serious arise, the report function is handy as all staff receive a notification. Also, don’t hesitate to reach one of us if you have any issue, suggestion, questions… There is no need for unnecessary drama, it just make you look dumb.

  • Why isn’t more X/Y/Z content?

That is up to you to post X/Y/Z (DCS) content.


Final line:

The group is what you want it to be. The admins are just making sure it remains convivial and fair for everyone.   






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