Jason from 777/1C announced the future of the IL2 Series. It seems the previously announced IL2 Pacific has been ditched. PTO fans, drop the katana. Future is still bright. The long announcement details the franchise plans for 2018 and 2019. And believe me, things have never looked so bright in the flight simulation industry!

Not one, but Three upcoming games.

You definitively need to read the press release. But for those who can’t stand long read, here is the story in a nutshell:

Next title will be Battle of Bodenplate. It will feature late war aircraft, including IL2’s first jet, the Me-262. Theater will be the European area around Belgium. You can already preorder the title for $69.99

Along with this, they plan to “merge” Rise of Flight into IL2.  This was one of the highly requested feature from the WW1 pilots, and they listened to us! Called “Flying Circus, Volume 1”, it will include 10 WW1 aircraft along with some French area and WW1 assets.

Next big surprise is a Tank module! After experimenting tank tech in previous title, 777/1C is going straight on in the tank arena. Tank Crew – Clash at Prokhorovka will feature 12 crew able vehicle and its own map.

Along with this, they plan to release an IL2 demo soon, so new players can experiment the IL2 series before buying. Beside all of this, they also started working with third party. They are experimenting partnership with the creation of a Li-2.

The future is bright for warbird players.

You can find all the information in Jason’s Press Release:






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