Jason, the producer of the IL2 series, announced some weeks of delay for the completion of Battle of Kuban. 1C/777 Studio has a proven track record of delivering on time, so it may come as a surprise for some, but several extra features had put the studio slightly behind schedule.

Along with an open letter to the community detailing the situation, Jason has published some screenshot of the upcoming dynamic campaign.

The Dynamic Campaign will cover the 3 Theater of War

Dear Friends!

Today I bring you some more straight talk about Sturmovik development. Unfortunately, the final release of Battle of Kuban is slightly delayed by a few weeks. Completion of Kuban and the large version 3.001 update that will accompany it will now most likely occur before the end of the winter and hopefully much sooner than that, possibly the latter half of January. Please accept our sincerest apologies for the delay. We are just as disappointed as you are. The Holiday season is upon us and it adds to the delay, but the team deserves a break after a hard year of work and I cannot expect them to work during this special time of year.

This delay was caused by several small events over the course of many months like illness, unexpected bugs, unplanned features being added (my fault) and dedication to making some new features better than originally planned. We are a small team and when one feature or department gets delayed, it can cause a bottleneck in the entire schedule. Luckily, we were able to workaround almost all the delays and keep the larger release goal in sight, but development of the Career took longer than planned and this is the last big feature to add before we can consider Kuban ready. However, because the Career system is intertwined with so much content it is impossible for us to release the remaining airplanes before the Career without causing an even longer delay. The upside is that Battle of Kuban will remain discounted a few weeks longer! Please feel free to take advantage. In addition to the discount, don’t forget that you’ll also receive a unique skin for the IL-2 as a pre-order bonus!

To demonstrate how much work has gone into the Career, here are some images of it. As Han has mentioned in the DDs, there are a lot of different types of missions and Viks is working especially hard to make them work well and be interesting. Many on the team have had to pitch in and help push this big task across the finish line. It’s not so easy since we are retrofitting all of our products with the new Career. It’s triple the usual work!


We never stop working to improve Sturmovik and the next couple years will see even more improvements and additions to our engine and the release of new products. Trust that we are working as hard as we can to wrap up Kuban and then focus on Bodenplatte, Flying Circus, Tank Crew and some more Collector Planes.

As Producer, I asked the team to do a lot when we announced Battle of Kuban in 2016. The team has done a magnificent job in 2017 in meeting the development goals I announced. They deserve much respect. Sturmovik has improved by leaps and bounds this past year and we are growing ever prouder of what it has become. So please be patient, it will just be a few more weeks until you can play the new Career, Co-Op missions and a new Scripted Campaign – all while enjoying the new horizon in your P-39, Yak-7 or A-20!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone in the Sturmovik community!

Bring on 2018!



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