Dev Blog #178 has been posted. This time, IL2’s developer tell us more about their new clouds upgrade, which is needed for their improved viewdistance.


Hello everybody,

today we’ll briefly tell you about two new features. First, in conjunction with increasing the landscape rendering distance, we also increased the clouds rendering distance – they are now visible almost three times further than before. Together with the new gamma and gradient for the skydome we showed you earlier, it gives the sim a significantly new look. For example, the ‘feeling of flight’ became even more natural at medium and high altitudes and when you fly under the clouds the new perspective is stunning. We also improved the look of cumulus clouds, making them more realistic and diverse; they can also appear at two layers now. It is interesting to note that we were able to recreate one of the real life effects – the Earth projecting its shadow on the opposite to the setting sun part of the sky). As the popular saying goes, one picture is worth a thousand words:

The second new feature is related to the look of the bare metal parts on various aircraft – in the future, we plan to make planes that weren’t painted and had a polished or matte aluminum finish. The metal parts on lend-lease planes P-40E-1, Spitfire Mk.Vb, P-39L-1 and A-20B and Italian MC.202 ser.8 (which also has a bare metal skin) will look even more realistic and authentic.


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