1C/777 posted some screenshots of their upcoming theater : Kuban. While you guys are waiting ED to get us out of Caucasus, it seems warbirds pilots are about to get some action there.  Kuban was one of the famous theather in the original IL2, and is about to get released in the next gen IL2.


Hello everybody,

While engineer and artist teams work on Battle of Kuban aircraft, our dedicated map department is making the landscape of the new theater of war. As we mentioned earlier, we use Rise of Flight tech as a start, but we spent a lot of resources to make it up to the task. We improved the mountains rendering in the first place, since mountains and foothills occupy 22 thousands square km of the total 120 thousands square km and the mountain coast is 350 km long. Theoretically we could create this landscape using existing technologies, but it would take unrealistic amount of time and we didn’t have so many resources to do it the old-fashioned way. Therefore, we spent some time creating the procedural texturing system for mountaneous terrain. Surely, the modern tech requires not only applying the textures, but also choosing correct materials to make the landscape as natural looking as possible, getting rid of unnaturaly straight lines and borders. Here are several screenshots of our first attempts at this tech, which show promising results

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