Leatherneck Simulation announced they finally have fixed the Mig-21‘s radar. The plane radar was problematic as it was mostly blind and blocked tilted upward. They are also mentionning the F4U project being temporary on hold in favor of the AJS-37. The 1.5.x patch is expected today.



The F4U-1 is on a very temporary development hold as we wait for some new terrain technology to become available in the core engine- as well as focus fully on the AJS-37 until completion.

I’d expect us to announce/show the Pacific project in full before the end of Summer, however- and a release of the Corsair this year.
It’s still being very much actively worked on in general, there’s just a temporary lull for the Corsair itself.


Radar bugs in 1.5.3 have been solved and will be available in the next patch.


We’re waiting for some engine binaries to be made available so that we can properly debug and fix the 2.0.X issues.


  1. Thanks!
    Exiting months are coming, our virtual sky filled with fully functional legends like MiG-21, AJS-37 and F-5 Tiger2.
    Stop with FC3 deathwatch!


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