I can’t express enough superlatives to describe how I feel about this module. The developers at RAZBAM, have done, and continue to do a fantastic job, in bringing forth this excellent render of the Mirage 2000C,  despite remaining at the time of this writing, in it’s beta stage of development, which to the uninitiated, means it comes with a bug or two(or three) and little if any in the way of ‘official ED publications, at least at the onset( Now mitigated to a great degree), and some of the in-game missions were less the optimum, or  flat-out , would not run. Also, at early release, there was no Campaign, nor Training Missions. However, with the help of “Chuck’s Guides”, it was fairly easy to get up to speed, at least sufficiently enough, to get it in air, and actually engage bandits, in the virtual skies of DCS World, and I have grown to love her. I consider this somewhat remarkable, because I didn’t really expect it. It’s like going on a date, with low expectations, and getting exactly the opposite.


dcs m2000c_42





Many, if not most users, generally seem to have a preference for air-ground missions…


Many, if not most users, generally seem to have a preference for air-to-ground missions, and that’s where many of us back in the ‘LockOn/Flaming Cliffs Days, made our transition to clickable cockpit , high fidelity modules, beginning with DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark, and later, DCS:A-10C Warthog. it’s where we ‘cut our teeth’. Blowing Stuff  Up On The Ground. It’s what we do. Having said that, I regard Air to Air as a welcome change, particularly when up to this point , Mig-21Bis, was the only clickable cockpit supersonic fighter available to DCS World with generally similar capabilities found in the M2000C, though the latter is a 4th generation platform, with significantly advanced flight controls. In my humble opinion, there remains some work to be done  with fine tuning the flight model( It is still in beta after all.) ,but I’m sure RAZBAM will eventually get it done.                                                                                                                                                       

Belsimtek, to their credit,has done an excellent job with it’s F-5E,… 

Belsimtek, to their credit, has done an excellent job with it’s F-5E, though I suspect that the simplicity of it’s flight controls , at least help contribute to the early success of this relatively bug-free module, which will no doubt only get better with it’s refinement. it’s a ‘fun to fly’ index, is high. However, the progeny of the Freedom Fighter Series, aside from the training role, ( T-38 Talon and the F-5F)is first and foremost, a fighter bomber as demonstrated by Skoshi Tiger, in Southeast Asia with Northrop F-5C ( Which at least were capable of in-flight refueling.) Those F-5s operated with similar limitations  to those today in terms of air defense/alert roles. Those limited operational parameters are the primary reason U.S. Air Force brass, decided to by and large, ‘pass’, on the series. That, essentially is the reason, why ultimately, I prefer the M2000C. Besides, as a ‘Yank”, flying a ‘delta-wing, is a rather novel departure from typical American and Russian layouts.




Despite all this, I really don’t know M2000C, as well as I want to…


Despite all this, I really don’t know M2000C, as well as I want to. I have set a few goals for 2017. One , a fairly big one really, is to get online, which I have yet to do.( Shameful, I know.) My ego is such, that before I do that, I want make sure that I know my mount as thoroughly as humanly possible. To this end, I began the Training Missions, in game, making every effort to master it, as I progress through each one, therefore this will be a kind of progressionally written article if you catch my meaning. There may be some occasional bitching involved, and since this will be a ‘public display’, of my progress, I realize that I may be open to some critiquing by my more accomplished colleagues, with regards to my student performance (not my writing style, hopefully.) In fact, I’m counting on it. That is part of the learning experience, so ‘pointers’ or advice will be appreciated. Stay tuned for further.













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