Capt. Zeen is a talented creator of several Helios profiles. He just released one for the Mig-21, that he develloped with Slicker55 . You can find Capt. Zeen’s work on his website :


Several months ago, Slicker55 sended to me a message, showing his interest on learn how to create an helios profile. From that moment, we meet several days on Skype, and i show him how to create a profile using my experience in other profiles. Today i am proud too present you the resoults of that colaboration ! A new MIG-21bis Helios profile ! Slicker55 was working hard creating the code for the instruments inputs and the initial art. After that i remade all the art and changed the code to use the A10C interface in Helios, instead of the FC interface. With that change, we dont need to prepare different versions for differents countries, we dont need the default.lua to define all the keyboard commads, because i redirect directly to DCS from helios, so we dont need to worry abous LN changes in the future. And of course, for the final user, (you), is a more easy installation ! So here you got a fully input/output Mig21 profile.



Helios is a software allowing to display DCS instrument on a secondary screen. This software is used in both DCS and Falcon 4, and the cockpit compatibility is based on “profiles”, containing scripts and graphics. You can find Helios here  :




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