Bohemia Interactive published some more details on their upcoming Tac-Ops Mission Pack, in their SITREP #00204. The pack will consist of 3 large scale military operation, playable from various point of view. The operation will also feature optional side objectives which may impact the operation outcome. This DLC will be strictly scenario oriented: they won’t be any new vehicle or weapons. This reflects on the pricing, which is announced at € 4.99 / $ 5.99 / £ 4.49.

The operations are designed for the seasoned Arma (single)player and aim to deliver a “classic Arma experience”. This translates into authentic combat situations in an open sandbox environment, where a thoughtful approach and patience are the key to success.

Beside this DLC, the studio also make progress on the tanks, as a Tank module is in preparation for later in 2018. Driving and firing has been improved with an update of the engine physics.


You can read the complete report here : SITREP#204


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