For what seems like forever, but really hasn’t been…


Well, guys, by all the signs, it’s beginning to look like we are going to get our wish, Naval Ops. For many of us it’s the epitome, the ‘Holy Grail’ of Digital Combat Simulator. For what seems like forever, but really hasn’t been, combat sim fans have been chomping at the bit, particularly since the announcements by Digital Combat Simulators and Heatblur Simultions (then part of Leatherneck Simulations at the time) for naval based modules. Now after a very long wait, they are almost here.

Finally we are beginning to see bits of texture being teased from Heatblur’s eagerly anticipated F-14A+B Tomcat, in the minds of many still the best Air Defense Fighter ever built, limited only budgetary expediency. No real useful info about that module concerning release has even been hinted at one that module, hopefully, the will make their intentions , known . However, we do know that a ‘new’ carrier, the U.S.S. Forrestal , will be included at some point, if not initiallyOn the other hand,Razbam’s AV-8B Night Attack,  is in pre-order status at a reduced price until actual module release. Release info about the long anticipated DCS:F/A-18C Hornet’s date for Early Access,  has yet to be announced,  I personally have no doubt that question will be resolved in fairly short order, though I don’t pretend to know with any certainty as to when that will be, but rest assured, it will likely be very soon.

In the meantime, I have personally been spending a great deal more time, with the new and improved DCS: SU-33 with it’s remodeled systems in addition the new flight model, the logic being the practicing landings on any carrier is better than none, while awaiting the inevitable release of not one but three new western combat aircraft, even if one of them is a V/STOL; still can’t hurt.

In addition to those coming modules, one member of the current stable the Heatblur / DCS: AJS37 Viggen , while not carrier capable , nevertheless is very much a Maritime Platform with it’s RB-04E Anti-ship missiles and A/G radar. From my perspective, things are looking up. Talley Ho’, guys.





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