I am certain that I am not alone among many who where hoping that 2017 would be the Year Of Naval Operations and I had pretty much predicted that such would be the case. Maybe I allowed myself to get caught up IN‘The Hype’, just a tiny bit.

Prognostication, particularly concerning upcoming DCS Modules, is risky business, fraught with peril, and one can end up with egg on one’s face. The excitement felt by most if not all in the DCS World Community is so palpable, we can almost feel the ocean ‘salt spray’, smacking us ‘right in the kisser’. ‘ Yeah; it’s like that. Still , it’s a risk it’s nearly impossible to resist. Like I said, I got caught up.

The wait is been long indeed, so long in fact that many wondered if the day when finally we could indulge ourselves in simulation bliss in the form of Naval Ops. Just as 2017, was coming to a close,  ED released released its DCS: AV-8B Night Attack for Early Access , just when it it looked like I might be proved wrong.

            Harrier, apparently, ‘Firstborn of the Naval Stable, has finally arrived and since the Razbam/DCS : AV-8B Night Attack IS in ‘Early Access’, it’s still a Work-In- Progress, some it’s systems are incomplete, such as it’s Inertial Navigation System and TGP, are yet to be fully modeled. That being said, for my money,  looks pretty good. Attention to detail is spot on, as we have all come to expect from the ED’s Fighter Collection. It damn well better. I say say that because we of the DCS World Community, have come to expect to less. Given a reasonable period of time to work out any ‘bugs’ , I at least am confident, that we will be pleased at the result.(Some of us , anyway.) Despite being a WIP, I’m spending as much time learning the “Night Attack”, as I possibly can before the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet arrives, which we all know by know by now, will be sometime near the ‘end of spring’ Some, my be disappointed, and I feel your pain.


To mitigate said pain, decided to buy the Harrier, and I have to say I’m grateful for the to the extent, that it gives me more time to thoroughly familiarize myself with the module which is also a Work-In-Progress, and while I would not consider this article anything close to an actual review, I will suggest that ‘rotor heads’, should do well with this one. Having started with the boxed version of the original Ka-50 Black Shark, (a few years back)that experience may be as helpful as it was(is), for me.

Ok. So there is still one very big ‘elephant in the room’, to use a metafore. “What about the F-14 Tomcat? There is an awful lot of interest there too, myself too, and while I can’t say with certainty yet as the guys at Heatblur, yet to announce a release date, I am certain that 2018 will be year we will get that one too, probably before summer is over. Till then, “Happy Aviating.”


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