A new projet has been revealed this night. It is the Blackburn Buccaneer, by BANA Project.  This plane was a carrier based strike plane, including nuclear capacity. It was operated between the 60’tys and the 90’tys. They plan to create an advanced mod at first, including SFM, 3D model and adapted cockpit from FC, then keep devellopment into a DCS style module. We wish them good luck in their project, we’ll definitively look forward for it!


Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of the BANA Project, I am extremely pleased to publicly announce our first development module for DCS World: the Blackburn Buccaneer Mk2.

What started out not very long ago as a conversion project from another sim has quickly gathered pace, fuelled by the passion and commitment of our development team who have formulated a long term goal of an accurately modelled interpretation of this truly magnificent cold-war era British strike aircraft. This module will be available to the whole DCS community for no cost.

The aircraft is currently in an early state of development, but the 3D external modelling, animation and texturing work is almost completed. The Simple Flight Model is undergoing development and testing at this time.

We plan a staged release to make sure that as many users as possible can enjoy this project; once development of the SFM is completed we will release the aircraft to the community utilising an existing DCS avionics and cockpit solution to allow it to be flown within the DCS environment and to allow all users to provide testing and feedback. Development will continue in the background on an accurately modelled 3D cockpit, customised systems and accurate weapon loads – of course, all within the confines of a simulated environment. Eventually, we hope to be able to provide an External Flight Model, Advanced Systems Modelling and Custom Weapons.

We would like to openly invite members of the DCS community to participate in the BANA Project, we have a variety of roles available to assist in the development of DCS: Buccaneer. We can’t offer a generous salary, free healthcare or even a company pension – but what we can offer is a group of like minded enthusiasts to share ideas with and have some fun developing modules for DCS: World. Please contact me by PM if you would like to offer your services to us.

Feel free to post any questions, queries, advice, criticism or ideas you may have for this module. We welcome them all with a big smile and an open ear!

You can learn more about this iconic english airframe, here


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