While the beta testing continues, some videos of the upcoming Patch 4.5 are popping on internet.



IL2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover computer simulation of a Beaufighter IF intercepting Luftwaffe bombers attacking London in 1940. Using Team Fusion Simulations Beta v 4.49.
Footage shows the lighting effects in Beta v4.49 testing.


After reading many accounts of Beaufighter 1F pilots intercepting marauding Luftwaffe bombers over England and the Channel during 1940, I thought I’d give it a go myself. I dug out the old 032 Single Mission and opened it up in FMB. Changed the Hurricane NF to the Beaufighter NF, eliminated the clouds and changed the default time of 21:00 hours to 03:30 hours to get a hint of predawn glimmer in the night sky for visibility sake. Knocking out object icons in the Realism settings was tough — it is HARD to spot contacts, even when they are bracketed with flak. I found the best technique was to look for them overhead against the slightly-lit sky, since it was impossible to make out their presence against the black terrain.

Note that features are subject to change before final release.




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