The DCAF – Digital Coalition Air Force, is opening its door! The new international squadron will operate Razbam’s Harrier in a very realistic gameplay. The squadron already started practicing on F-15C, and is looking for more pilots and supporting air controllers for its 20 Sqn DCAF.

If you look to play with people that want to achieve realistic gameplay, it may be a good opportunity for you ! wish success to the new squadron !




DCAF is already operating the F-15C, while patiently waiting for the Harrier.



  • Multi-Nationally aimed DCS community with an emphasis of quality over quantity
  • Standardised operations aimed to maximise commonality, heavily based upon ICAO rulings and UK/US Air Force(s) operations; e.g. USAF, USMC, USN, RAF, AAC, RN. Operations are aimed to mimic the operations of actual air forces but do not directly copy or represent real air force operations
  • Rigorously, yet dynamically, structured Virtual Air Force with a focus on personnel reliance and trust, with projected expansion built in
  • Expansion to include several roles which will be open sequentially as VAF Establishment and training capacity permits
  • Expansion to cover several modules and to aim to take advantage of up and coming modules
  • Training by highly motivated and knowledgeable instructors broken into manageable steps, aimed to mimic real training in fidelity, realism and standards
  • Realistic training expectations for Digital Combat Simulator (We’re not all real pilots or controllers!) with high quality training materials
  • Guided independent learning with high quality coaching, assessment and feedback to help anyone from novice to pro achieve the most of their DCAF experience
  • Strong community leadership to promote personal development of individuals and prevent hostile attitudes


Currently available roles:

  • Fixed Wing Pilot – Attack
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Roles to be shortly available:
    • Aerospace Battle Manager (Commonly, but incorrectly, known as GCI)
    • Airborne ABM (AWACS GCI)
    • Fixed Wing Pilot – Fighter
  • Roles to be available within the next year:
    • Forward Air Controller
    • Rotary Pilot

The application form can be found in this page.


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