Eagle Dynamics released a live stream* pre-recorded video of the Normandy map. It is a 20min overview of the map and content by Wags.


What we learn so far :

  • Map will ship without any radionavigation (modern or WW2)
  • You can play modern content in Normandy.
  • Train function is being changed – Normandy train may get hand placed in editor.
  • England will only receive airfield, no towns as England wasn’t really planned at start.
  • Tree are collidable.
  • Combined Arms with WW2 remains to determine when asset pack is finished. (Asset pack incompatible ??)
  • Asset pack won’t be complete at release.
  • Bombers will get a dedicated formation option in editor to replicate mass formation.
  • Normandy won’t be expanded furthermore. (already beyond target with england)
  • Effects being reworked. Explosions first, then clouds will inherit from the new effect tech.
  • Shadows have several options for performances to avoid issue with the high load of object.
  • Every structure has damage model.
  • Servers will need to buy map to operate.
  • A campaign is already been prepared by Bunyap, for Spitfire.
  • Steam will remain on 1.5, without normandy available.
  • Assets pack will be limited to huge project.
  • Wags is able to stream from the past.




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